If you’re hosting, or are part of a team who are organising a sports day or kid’s sporting event during the summer; you’ve probably got a list as long as your arm of things to do and tasks to complete. Whether the competition is being held on the school field or your back garden; you’ll need to ensure that there are suitable rewards and prizes for the winners and runners-up. Therefore, the following list of ideas is to help you choose what’s best for your particular event; ready, set, let’s go!


If you’re hosting an event for younger children or tots; you might want to source some toys or games as prizes. Little children are unlikely to appreciate simply the accolade of winning, so giving them some tangible is a smart idea (and a bribery tactic to take part and behave themselves). If you have a bigger budget to spare; getting older children a main winner’s prize like a bike or skateboard, will be an enticing incentive for any participant to try their best.

Tickets to family days out or theme parks are a prize that both the kids and the parents will appreciate, so try and get some for attractions that are easy to access and won’t cost a lot of money to get to. Also, remember that there’s nothing wrong with little trinkets and party-bag style games, as most children will just appreciate that they’ve been awarded something for winning or taking part.


For a more traditional option, you could take the classic route of having stickers and certificates printed, or handing out medals and trophies. There’ll be no greater pleasure for the winners and the end of the day, than to take home their shiny new award, ready to show the rest of their family and display it in their bedroom.

You could set a three-tiered podium and have an official presentation ceremony at the end of the day’s event; this will provide ample opportunities for participants, parents and any local press, to take photographs. Setting up an Olympic-style ending will ensure that the sports day feels official and you’ll probably end up holding the event annually.


For informal and low-key events; a great budget option is to make the prizes, and it’s also an excellent way to involve the kids. Baking cupcakes and decorating them with team colours, or, if you’re feeling creative, you could ice medals and trophies onto them. Consider going one step further and creating a winners trophy cake, that an individual or a whole football team can enjoy. Check out some inspirational trophy cake ideas here: https://uk.pinterest.com/dinntrophy/trophy-cakes/?lp=true.

For a more professional approach, there are an array of companies that can print a logo, or the details of your event onto cupcakes, lollipops, and sweets; these might be worth considering as prizes, or as nibbles for every participant. Whatever you choose to reward the little ones on their big day, ensure that the emphasis is on having fun and taking part; that way, nobody will feel left out, and everyone will leave with a smile on their face.

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