Roulette, Table Games and Other Casino Games – How To Protect Children From Gambling Addiction?

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To begin with, let’s figure out what we really mean by the definition of “gambling games”. The first interpretation, which is in the dictionary regarding gambling: a game in which the gain in full or in large part depends not on the skill of the players, but on chance. In later interpretations of this phrase, the word “money” is always present: betting on money or any material value on an event with an arbitrary outcome. The main interest is directed not at the game process, but at its outcome in the end.

So, there are two components of gambling – BETS and RANDOMNESS, which is the basis of the game. As you know, any value can serve as a bet in children’s games: a beautiful stone, an interesting sticker, a bright icon. Randomness is also of interest for children, since you can get something without skills or knowledge.

There are quite a lot of games in which there is an opportunity BY chance to become “cool” or “get rich”, all this attracts children. The usual Bingo game and card games may be a starting point of gambling addiction in kids and teenagers.

I know one family in which parents decided to make money for their son with a motivation program. Dad decided to accustom the child to business from early childhood. The boy had to learn or perform something in order to make money. On the one hand, it really brings up the correct understanding of how you can realize any dream, let’s say buy a scooter. You need to work hard and you get a reward that you can spend on your dream.

Imagine the following situation, in which the same child won several dollars in one of the board or table games, do you think he will feel the “smell of easy money”? I think yes. Unprepared for the perception of receiving this kind of easy “earning”, an inexperienced child’s mind will decide that there is no need to get what can be obtained right away without much effort and time.

So how do you answer the question of whether to teach children gambling? It is impossible to find a solution unequivocally, each family has its own foundations, follows its own traditions and has its own opinion on this matter. Many families believe that it’s okay to play cards or bingo, dominoes, children’s billiards and even casino games with children (there is such a children’s version of the game of roulette and several variations of online roulette).

What children’s games can be called gambling?

Card games are considered the most common gambling. They stimulate the awakening of mathematical abilities in children: the child needs to monitor the reactions of the players, to predict their moves ahead. Also, cards help you quickly make decisions and navigate in unusual situations.

There are many children’s card games. The first thing that fell on the pages of the Internet: Card Games (3-10 years), Sleeping Queen Deluxe, Seth, Yotta, Dixit, Hanabi, Dominion, Card Tricks, Colonizers, Mafia, Cheese Day, Crocodile, Boom, Fish, etc.

The next is dice games. There are tons of such games, like Monopoly, Snakes, and Ladders, Catch Up, Going to Boston and many others. All these games are harmless.

Roulette games and slot machines both online and real ones are unambiguously related to the segment of luck games (gambling), we won’t even discuss anything here, although for children there are many released games similar to real counterparts. The information from the manufacturer reads as follows: “The table game Roulette is one of the best gambling games, so any number of participants can play it, and at the same time, everyone has unlimited chances to win. The goal of the game is to correctly predict the number or a color.” These games in a high-risk zone for the development of children’s addiction to gambling.

Good old domino games, checkers, backgammon – is it gambling? On the one hand, they, like chess, require the inclusion of brain activity, but on the other hand, there are many options for which you don’t need to think much, but you can make bets and win.

How to protect your child from gambling addiction?

The example of parents plays the most important role in raising children. Children imitate the adults they are constantly surrounded by. You can play anything, it’s important how the adult reacts in the presence of the child to a particular situation, how he explains his actions and what he puts at the forefront. If an adult focus on SKILLS and ENCOURAGEMENT, it’s not that if he draws the child’s attention to LUCK and an easy WIN.

Children, especially young children, are better off getting to know games that stimulate a simple desire to win. In the minds of most people, card games are not connected with something vicious, this is just a way to pass the time with friends. And they really can be played in the family evenings. Take, for example, the game “Cheese Day.” And how does the board game “Scrabble” stimulate brain activity and knowledge of the mother tongue? The first concepts of how the country’s economy works can be obtained by making a child interested in the Monopoly game.

Gambling, associated with slot machines, roulette and other analogs of casino games, as well as similar games on the Internet, often causes a person to lose reality. Such games practically do not have any benefit for children’s development; rather, on the contrary, they can affect physical exhaustion and the development of sociopathy. It is difficult to treat, it is easier to prevent – the recipe is the same: study with children, play with them and think twice before each action which can affect your child.


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