One thing everyone that works on PPC accounts knows (or should know) is that Negative Keywords are a godsend for clearing out and refining targeting. They allow you to carefully define what types of search terms your ads will appear from, letting you improve click through rate, get better quality traffic and boost your conversion rate (in theory). All in all, they are awesome!

But, if you’re in an agency, it has already been really annoying to have to build up your negative keyword list for each account that you are managing. This goes for any manager account as well. So, with Google’s latest in a long list of changes to the Digital Marketing world, we can all smile and jump for joy!

One List To Rule Them All

As now shown in the AdWords support centre, manager-level accounts that have access to multiple AdWords properties can now create a single negative keywords list that appears within the Shared Library section of the AdWords interface.

This single, main list can then be used across all of the different accounts that you manage, potentially saving you loads of time and hassle. This is a wonderful change that I, for one, welcome with open arms!

Whilst it will need a large amount of thought and planning to make sure it is used correctly, it can be a really powerful tool. To be utterly cliche, with great power comes great responsibility. For example, if you were to build up a list of negative keywords designed to stop ads showing for search terms revolving around the term “cheap”, but then got a client who focuses on budget items, you could ruin their campaign before it even starts.

So, now that we have this whole new way of improving PPC campaigns, I think it is time we all sit down and strategise how to make the most of the change. What are your opinions on this change to PPC? Let me know in the comments below!

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