So, I’ve decided to get started with the whole retro gaming collection thing… I’ve been a lover of all retro games for years, but I’ve never actually started a proper collection… I think it’s about time, don’t you?

After quite a bit of thought, I’ve decided to go for the PlayStation 2, even though the PSX is one of my favourite consoles of all time (you can check out my PSX buyer’s guide here. But why go for the PS2 and not the PSX? Well… A few reasons really…

Backwards Compatability

One of the biggest pros to the PS2, especially from a collection point of view, is that it is fully backwards compatible. What that means is that, as well as playing PlayStation 2 games, it can also play PSX games! So I don’t actually need a PSX in order to collect and play those games. Instead, I just need the one console.

That’s the main reason why the PSX doesn’t hold a lot of value; there are so many floating around now because people sold them to get the PS2, without the worry of not being able to play the games they already owned. So, by focusing on building a PS2 collection, I’m also opening the doors to create a PSX collection as well. Win win!

Cost Effective Collecting

Okay, so I’m going to frank; retro game collecting is expensive. For those of you who don’t know, some of the older and rarer video games self for hundreds of pounds! Take The Legend of Dragoon for PSX as an example… A complete copy of the game in great condition will set you back over £150! Oh, and that price goes up even more if you are looking at rare Super Nintendo or Sega MegaDrive games.

However, when it comes to building a PS2 collection, things are (at least for now) a bit different. Why? Because the console isn’t that old yet.

For example, I was able to pick up a silver PS2 console, a memory card and a bunch of games for £68. That’s a really good deal. On top of that, depending on the games you are getting, you can even go to a second hand store (like CEX or Cash Converters) and pick up 20 games for the same price as a new release for PS4.

Therefore, when you are starting your collection on a shoe string budget (like me) the PS2 suddenly becomes rather cost effective. Plus, as it gets older and the games get rarer, their value is only going to increase, so it is a pretty good time to invest in them!

Library Size

Did you know that the PS2 has one of the largest libraries of games for a console, ever? It has a wealth of different titles, for all types of gamers! So, the choice of games to collect is massive, and that just makes it even more fun. I have to work out and decide which games I’m going to add to my PS2 collection each time.

With well over a thousand PlayStation 2 games to choose from, plus the entire PSX collection as well, there’s a sea of games out there for me to get my hands on! Therefore, I can amass a very nice PS2 collection without breaking the bank, and have a very varied collection at that!

Getting Started

So, that pretty much covers the “why”, so what about the “how”?

Well, as mentioned earlier, I picked up the silver PS2 and a bunch of games for under £70 from CEX. I ordered them online rather than going into the shop specifically because I wanted the silver version to start my PS2 collection with, and my local CEX store didn’t have one in stock. You can watch the unboxing video below:

All in all, for the price, I’d say it was a pretty decent haul. However, it’s a really small collection right now, isn’t it? So, I’ve also traded in three PS4 games to CEX and ordered 9 more games, one of which is Koudelka for the PSX (you can read my review of that game here). They should be arriving by the end of the week, and that’ll boost my personal library a bit more.

Going to CEX definitely isn’t the best idea for super rare games, but to get you started, I would recommend it, just because of how cheap things are. But again, I’d recommend buying through their website rather than in store; there’s just so much more choice!

And That’s All Folks

That’s basically why and how I’ve got my new PS2 collection underway. I’ll be building upon it whenever I can afford it, but it’s off to a good start!

Do you have any collection-based hobbies? Or do you find them stupid? Let me know in the comments below!