If you are a programmer, software or app developer, maybe a freelancer, you will need to make sure that you give your brain the well deserved rest and improve your focus. You can take a session off the computer, play sports, or socialize; the key is finding something that stops the racing thoughts in your head. Below you will find a few tips on how to make the most out of your time and improve your productivity by rewarding yourself with something that helps you relax and take a step back from your regular activities.

Regular Breaks When Working on the Computer

In case your work involves staring at the computer screen all day, it’s crucial that you take a step away and learn when to schedule a break. You should notice when your attention is fading, and you can get more done after a break. Drinking enough water, eating and snacking healthy will help you revitalize your brain and your body, so you can feel and function better. If you are a copywriter, you should learn to touch type so you can take your eyes off the screen every now and then and avoid strain.

Gaming Sessions

You should also think about the best way of relaxing and breaking out of your daily routine. Gaming can improve your mental health. Just because you have a lot to do, forcing yourself to focus on the task ahead will not take you closer. It will just make you tired and less motivated. How about setting up small targets and when you achieve them taking a break and playing your favourite game on www.critiquesdecasino.com so you can return to work with a clear mind.

Physical Exercise

When working from home and forgetting about eating, drinking, and taking a break, you should schedule physical exercise. No matter if it is just a 20-minute walk, a light yoga session, or a Tai Chi exercise that allows the energy to flow in your body and blood to circulate freely. Tai Chi is one of the least challenging exercises, and you should try it to see the full benefits, You can also play team games or go on a bike ride in the morning to get your body and your brain going.


Not many people are familiar with mindfulness and different exercises that help them focus better and use a greater capacity of their brain. Mindfulness can be as simple as listening to music and sitting back reflecting on your day. If you would like to become more positive, you could also visualize your future, but focus on the present and don’t allow the hurts of the past influence your current decisions.


Most successful people meditate, and there is a good reason for this. Our brains are too active most of the time, and it is important that we pay attention to the core messages instead of the white noise that is surrounding us. You have to learn to differentiate between things that really matter in your business and those that will not matter in two years’ time. If you spend your time trying to change the things you have no influence on, you will never get a clear plan together.

Brainstorming Sessions

Sometimes we are too stuck in our daily routine and way of working that we don’t see the simpler and easier way forward. Whether you are looking for an idea to scale your business, or are trying to come up with a new creative idea or mission statement for your business, you have to hold your own brainstorming sessions. Create an environment you feel safe and comfortable in, put on the music, and allow the thoughts to come to you.

Letting Your Hair Down

Believe it or not, socializing and seeing your friends is a great way of getting a new perspective on your life. You can book a concert ticket, go to the theater, or simply binge watch TV on invite your friends for a gaming competition. It is critical that you are nice to yourself, and allow free time to relax and stop thinking about your business or work.

No matter if you work for someone else, or as a freelancer, it is hard to force yourself to stop and take a step back. Make the most out of the time you have and try to improve your productivity, so you get more done in less time, and have a few minutes or hours for fun.

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