One thing I can say about my wife and I is that we are really picky when it comes to TV… Perhaps too picky. We can spend hours trying to find something that we want to watch, and then most of the time we end up turning it off anyway because we don’t enjoy it.

So, naturally, when something comes along that we really do enjoy, we don’t miss it! That’s why, today, I thought I would take the time to run through the TV shows that we are either watching now, or cannot wait for them to start.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 3

What started off as an interest side story to AMC’s The Walking Dead, FTWD lost its way in Season 2 somewhat, feeling like a rehash of seasons 2, 3 and 4 of The Walking Dead, all mashed together. However, we thought we’d give it one more go and see what the first couple of episodes of season 3 were like.

So far, we’re 3 episodes in to Season 3 and we’re loving it! The story feels fresh again, as it did during the first season, and the characters actually feel meaning again! So, it seems as though I can say the same thing about Fear The Walking Dead that I can about AMC’s The Walking Dead; it’s a great show and you should definitely watch it (except for season 2).

Game Of Thrones Season 7

I’m sure you all knew this was going to pop its head up! But how can it not? Now, I read all of the books that are out at the moment (still waiting for Winds of Winter, George) so I’ve been a fan of the world and stories within it for years.

However, I didn’t actually pick up the TV show until mid Season 5, and that was because it was taking slightly different paths, and because it was becoming increasingly obvious that the TV was going to completely overtake the books. And guess what? It did, didn’t it? So now, I’m holding my breath and waiting for the next season, just to find out what’s going to happen to my favourite surviving characters.

NOTE: The following video is a trailer for Season 7, so it will contain spoilers

Doesn’t that trailer just look amazing! Seriously, I cannot wait to find out what the next stage of the story is! It’s going to be epic!

Stranger Things Season 2

Okay, so not technically summer, but how can I not mention this? It’s one of the best shows in a very, very long time! The first season was (deliberately) reminiscent of 80’s horror movies. Plus, as a huge fan of Silent Hill, the overall tone and world design really spoke to me.

This was the closest we were going to get to a Silent Hill TV show, and whilst I enjoyed the first movie, the second one was terrible. So it was great to see what I can only describe as a spiritual successor on Netflix. Speaking of which, Netflix have really been doing a great job, haven’t they!

American Gods

Lastly, my wife has been reading the book American Gods by Neil Gaiman (a genius if there ever was one) and is really enjoying it! So, I’ve managed to persuade her to give the TV show a go as well. I’ve heard a number of people saying it is really good, so this is on our watch list for summer, right after Fear The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

The trailer makes it look epic! Plus, it has Gillian Anderson in it, and she’s an amazing actress! So I’m very much looking forward to getting started with this one!

And That’s All Folks

Those are the big TV shows we are planning to watch, or are already enjoying. I would definitely recommend them! From epic zombie stories about survival to truly amazing fantasy worlds, these are all great for escapism and pure, unadulterated fun!

Are you watching any of these? Are you interested in watching them? Are there any shows you would recommend? Let me know in the comments below!