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So, let’s take a look at my part in this epic adventure, shall we?

Now, my history with the Mario franchise was very limited growing up. This largely comes from the fact that I started my gaming career with a Sega MegaDrive (or Genesis in the United States). From there, I moved on to the PlayStation, rather than the Nintendo 64, meaning that I missed both the N64 and the Super Nintendo.

Because of this, the only exposure I had to Mario as a child was seeing it at a friend’s house when he played on his N64. Yes, Super Mario 64 was my first experience of the franchise…

However, we’re not here to talk about Super Mario 64, are we? Instead, we are going to look at the very first Mario franchise game that I ever owned: Luigi’s Manion.

The Hauntingly Late Entrance

Many people out there, especially those who grew up with a Nintendo console, are probably questioning my validity as a retro gamer after reading that, but it is true. I did not own any game from the Mario franchise before I bought a Gamecube.

However, my credence as a “retro gamer” may get even more thrown into question when I admit that the only reason I got Luigi’s Mansion was that it was in a bundle with the console. I don’t even remember what game I got the Gamecube for in the end, but knowing me, it was probably because of Resident Evil or Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles.

Either way, I ended up with Luigi’s Mansion and thought to myself that I might as well try it.

With no preconceived expectations of what the game should be like going into it, I was instantly enthralled by the simple yet addictive gameplay.

Addictive For The Right Reasons

Now, the thing with some games is that they are addictive because of things like a gear grind, most prevalent in MMORPGs. This sort of addiction, in my personal opinion, is pretty negative. You get addicted to a fleeting reward that lasts only until you learn about the next piece of gear.

That wasn’t the case with Luigi’s Mansion. There wasn’t any collectable aspect of the game that really captured me; instead, the simple joy and humour of the game was just so much fun!

Luigi Taught Me To Love The Simple Things

Before I got myself a GameCube and Luigi’s Mansion, I was falling into the trap of only wanting to play the games with complex stories or difficult gameplay. The idea of simplistic games just sounded childish and boring to the young, teenage me – “if it wasn’t challenging, it was for little kids”.

I deliberately avoided so many games at that point in time, missing out on a huge amount of experiences and fun.

Thankfully, because I got Luigi’s Mansion with the console and decided to give it a try, that mentality was broken. Since then, I’ve been far more accepting of games, no matter what type of game they are. This has brought me countless hours of fun!

So, I guess I have to say that Luigi’s Mansion is actually a pretty influential game for me, personally. If it weren’t for that game, I would have missed out on so much more. I probably wouldn’t have gone back and played all of those ones I had ignored either.

And That’s All Folks

This really has been more of a candid post that I would normally do, but I think that Luigi’s Mansion deserves it. The game is amazing and had a very profound effect on me as a gamer.

Since playing it, I have gone back and played a lot of other Mario games too, so it was a great entry to the franchise, for sure! What was your first Super Mario game? Let me know in the comments below, and then make sure you check out the other content creators in this collaboration!