Many of us enjoy gaming – in fact, it is estimated that 700 million online gamers are active around the world right now – but it is a pastime that is often looked down upon as being lazy, unintelligent and nerdy. That could not be further for the truth. Yes, if you neglect your other obligations to play Fortnite for 72 hours straight it can be a problem, but otherwise, it’s a fine way to let off steam, and actually, there are numerous benefits that can be gained by being a gamer…

Gaming Creates Better Surgeons

If you want your child to be a doctor, you might want to rethink banning them from the Xbox or refusing to get them a Wii U because according to recent medical research, laparoscopic specialists who gamed for more than 3 hours a week made almost one third fewer mistakes than those who did not game at all. This is not at all surprising because gaming requires you to use hand-eye coordination, which is a pretty important skill for a surgeon to have.

Gaming Can Improve Mathematical Ability

A study conducted by Stanford University in the US found that playing video games for just 10 minutes each day could improve mathematical skills, improving the abilities of children in one class by more than 20 percent, and it’s not just children either – if adults were to play poker games, like the ones at, there is a good chance that they would see improvements too. It’s all about keeping the mind active and throwing up tasks that require calculations of various kinds.

Gaming Can Help People Overcome Dyslexia

Some researchers believe that issues with attention are a prominent component of dyslexia and they have found that, for some people, gaming sessions that are heavy on the action component ( for which concentration is vital) can help to improve their reading comprehension skills. It makes sense when you think about it.

Gaming Could Improve Your Eyesight

If your parents ever told you that spending too much time gaming was bad for your eyesight, or you’ve told your kids that since becoming a parent, you or they may have to eat their words because one study found that 10 weeks of moderate gaming had a correlation with a better ability to distinguish between different shades of grey, while another found that when gamers played the game using only their lazy eye, the condition improved or even became completely normalised in some cases.

Gaming Makes You Good in a Crisis

Because you often have to solve a lot of problems when you’re playing games like Call of Duty, Super Mario Bros. or and you often have to think on your feet to avoid being killed, your skills to tackle difficult situations quickly and efficiently int he real world is often enhanced, which can be really good in tough work situations or even in your home life.

Next time anyone tells you to stop gaming, or tuts because you let your kids enjoy a sensible amount of time on the Xbox, be sure to point this stuff out to them and keep enjoying your hobby!

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