For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been vaping for almost 4 years now. I started with one of those disposable plastic e-cigarettes you can buy in the petrol station, before moving on the Aspire K3 and then the Nautilus Mini, before finally settling on the Brit One Mini tank with a Cool Fire IV battery.

My OH, on the other hand, had some real difficulty making the move from real cigarettes to e-cigarettes. She finally managed to cut down using her Brit One Mini, but it wasn’t until E-Cigarette Direct were kind enough to let us try out the new Halo Tank 02 starter kit that she really made the move to vaping.

That’s why, today, I’ll be going over the Halo Tank 02, letting you guys know its pros and cons… And I’ve also got a full Halo Tank 02 Kit to give away! So read on, see what you think, and enter the giveaway for a chance to one one of these kits yourself!

So What’s In The Box?

Well, this is a starter kit, so obviously it comes with everything you need;

  • 1 x Tank 02 with MTL coil
  • 1 x Tank 02 Battery
  • 1 x Tank 02 User Manual
  • 1 x Bottle of Halo E-Liquid
  • 1 x Micro usb charger cable

Basically, it comes with all the things you need to get started, including one bottle of liquid – I recommend the Blueberry Burst – which is great. The only negative is that it doesn’t come with a second coil. However, you can buy them easily enough from E-Cigarette Direct.

How Does It Perform?

Ok, so on to the main point of this review; the actual performance. Now, it should be said that the coil the kit comes with is a 1.0ohm coil, so when you’ve been using 0.6ohm coils for a while, it needs a bit more of a drag. However, if you’re just getting started (this is a starter kit, after all) or moving from another starter kit, you’ll probably find you get a lot more vapour than you’re used to.

That’s because the majority of starter kits use 1.8+ohm coils, so you really have to try hard to get any vapour out. The Halo Tank 02, on the hand, fires really well! The battery powers the coil perfectly, giving you a burst of nicotine and a great amount of vapour!

If you’ve been thinking you can’t quit using an e-cigarette, the Halo Tank 02 will prove you wrong! No matter what your nicotine intake was, get the right level liquid and this tank will do you right!

[ctt template=”5″ link=”r7dp8″ via=”no” ]If you\’ve been thinking you can\’t quit using an e-cigarette, the Halo Tank 02 will prove you wrong! @marketing_punk @ECigDirect_UK #vape[/ctt]In terms of price, it’s really good as well! When you consider that those flimsy petrol station starter kits cost you £15+ (and they’re abysmal), then being able to get a great tank and battery for £25 is great!

On top of that, the battery (whilst powerful enough for the 1.0ohm coil) is small enough to fit perfectly in my OH’s hand, as well as mine! So, whilst most starter kits have those annoying pen batteries that are uncomfortable to hold and hard to use, the Halo Tank 02 kit comes with a battery perfect for almost any hand-size!

Of course, if you’ve got hands like Hulk Hogan, you might need a physically bigger battery, but other than that… You’ll find it fits like a glove!

[ctt template=”5″ link=”ccdFL” via=”no” ]Got hands like Hulk Hogan? Maybe the Halo Tank 02 battery is too small. If not, it fits like a glove! @ECigDirect_UK @marketing_punk[/ctt]

Lastly, we come to filling the tank and replacing the coil. This is a bottom filled tank, meaning that you need to turn the e-cig upside down and then unscrew the top section of the tank. Doing this, the reservoir pulls away, allowing you to refill it and access the coil.

Refilling is easy enough, thanks to the very generous amount of space that is available to fit the nose of the e-liquid bottle into. However, it is worth pointing out that the little while seal on the coil can come loose and fall into the reservoir. If this happens, use the nose of the e-liquid bottle to fish it out and place it back on the coil.

As for replacing the coil – once the reservoir is detached, it’s just a case of unscrewing the old one and screwing the new one in place. Once done, I would recommend priming it (putting a little bit of liquid on the spongey bits), and then letting it soak in the reservoir for about 10 – 15 minutes once everything is put back together. That way, you don’t run the risk of burning out the coil too fast!

And That’s All Folks

All in all, the Halo Tank 02 is probably one of my favourite starter kits that I have seen so far. The battery is just the right size for everyone except the biggest wrestlers and MMA fighters. The 1.0ohm coil gives a very nice hit, and the fact that you can get coils up to a strength of 0.5ohm is awesome! In fact, even my Brit One Mini only goes to 0.6ohm!

[ctt template=”5″ link=”BUbuh” via=”no” ]The Halo Tank 02 is probably one of my favourite starter kits that I have seen so far! @marketing_punk @ECigDirect_UK #vape #dadblog[/ctt]I would absolutely recommend getting the Halo Tank 02 if you’re thinking of taking up vaping instead of smoking – or even if you want to move onto a more powerful kit and get a better experience that the majority of other kits out there!


Hey, remember that giveaway I mentioned? Well, here we go! You can win a Halo Tank 02 kit, including a bottle of Halo e-liquid! The competition will last until the 6th of August, so you should get your entries in quick!

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