Last year I decided that, since I usually didn’t agree with the various video game awards out there, I would start posting my own awards; the 16-Bit Awards. Now, obviously, there is no ceremony or trophy with these awards… Instead, there’s just acknowledgement within that year’s 16-Bit Awards post. However, I’m going to keep doing them each year because it gives me a way to acknowledge the great achievements of the gaming industry for that year.

With that in mind, it’s now been exactly 1 year since I last posted for the 16-Bit Awards, meaning that it is almost now time for the 16-Bit Awards 2018! As with the previous post last year, I will be covering a number of categories, giving recognition to both games and people within the gaming industry. However, there are more categories this year, as I am looking to always grow and expand these awards. And who knows? Maybe one day we’ll actually have a proper awards ceremony! But that’s a long way off yet.

For now, here are the winners of the 16-Bit Awards 2018!

AAA Game of The Year

God of War

Indie Game of The Year


Most Anticipated AAA Game

Resident Evil 2

Most Anticipated Indie Game

Sea of Solitude

Best RPG

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Runner-Up: Octopath Traveler

Best MMO

Final Fantasy XIV

Best Racing

Forza Horizon 4

Best Fighter

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Best Storyline

God of War

Best World Design

Octopath Traveler

Retro Gaming Personality of the Year

Spawn of Odd

And that’s it for this year’s 16-Bit Awards. I’m really hoping that I can build up these awards into something big and better as the years go by. Next year will have even more categories, with a lot more retro gaming stuff in the mix as well.

As with last year, I am really looking forward to seeing what 2019 holds for the gaming industry as a whole. With the likes of Resident Evil 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3 coming out next month, the year is already set to hit the ground running. It’s going to be very interesting to see if anything else coming out is going to overtake those two games in terms of being a candidate for next year’s 16-Bit Awards Game of the Year!

However, that concludes the 16-Bit Awards 2018. It’s been a rather interesting year for gaming, with the controversy surrounding the PlayStation Classic and Fallout 76 at the end of the year, as well as the sheer amazement that God of War and Spider Man brought earlier. Let’s see how 2019 is going to fare compared to the mix of emotions we all experienced in 2018!