Can you believe it? Sometimes you have to log off of your preferred virtual world and actually spend time in the real world. Urgh! Of course, wise gamers use such time to their advantage. In fact, there are some IRL activities you can pick that will improve your in-game performance. Read on to find out what they are. 

Flying machines

There are quite a few games out there, both retro and new that require excellent flying skills such as No Man’s Sky and Jungle Strike. Of course, that is a skill that we can most definitely practice in the real world. You don’t even need to invest in flying or helicopter lessons if you don’t want to. Although you totally can if that’s your thing, as it is bound to improve your handling of a flying machine in 3D virtual space. 

However, if flying an actual plane is a bit over your budget, why not invest in a drone instead? This being a fantastic way of getting good at controlling a vehicle in the air. 

In fact, there are some drones like these Star Wars ones that come with battle modes and games built-in, so they are a lot of fun and cross over the virtual and real world. Something that can avoid gamer is bound to find appealing. 

Shooting practice 

Anyone that has ever picked up a controller will know that so many games involved the skill of shooting. In fact, some of the most popular franchises ever, such as COD are shooting games. 

Of course, shooting isn’t a skill that you actually want to do IRL. In fact, that is best left to the professionals like the police and military. However, there are some other fantastic ways you can develop this skill without any of the danger.

One of these is to try your hand at paintballing. An activity that provides a very realistic combat style experience but with lots of safety features. In fact, many ranges are now swapping to gel blasters instead of traditional paintball guns, because they are even safer and hurt less when they hit. 

It’s even possible to invest in your own very realistic gel gun, with the services like gel blaster afterpay that are now available. Something that means you can get a very realistic experience that is bound to compare to the one you are used to in-game. While honing your skills at the same time. 

Basketball, especially drills 

Finally, if you want to use real-world experience to improve your gaming, you can do no better than getting into playing basketball. In fact, this is for several reasons, the first being that the players in this sport need excellent hand-eye coordination to succeed. This being something that will definitely have a positive effect on your gaming. 

Picture located at Pixabay – License CC0

Additionally, the commitment and daily practice needed to excel in basketball are excellent skills to develop as well. After all, they are precisely the same skills that gamers need to get the results they are looking for. Something that makes strengthening your capacity for them a worthwhile IRL activity for avid gamers.