We’re going to have a slightly different post this time, but as this blog is a great way for me to let my thoughts out, I’m going to do just that!

As you may know, my family have been on holiday for the last couple of weeks, visiting my wife’s parents and sister. In order to fly over there, we needed to find flights that we could afford that flew to the airport nearest to them. That basically limited us to just WizzAir.

We have used WizzAir a number of times in the past and there has always been something to complain about. However, the low cost of the airline made up for it.

This time, though, it has gone too far. So, let’s take a look at our latest experience with WizzAir.

WizzAir – The Good

Let’s start off with the positive rather than making this entire post into a rant, shall we?

The positive side of WizzAir really comes down to the price of the flights and the fact that they flew to the closest airport. They were, in fact, the only airline company who had planes going from Luton to Burgas. So, we were pretty limited in that sense, but having looked at flights from other airports in the United Kingdom, price came into it again.

You see, the price for the return tickets for 2 adults and 1 child through WizzAir actually came in cheaper than a single flight with some of the other airlines. So yeah, the good side of WizzAir is the price… But honestly, that’s pretty much it.

WizzAir – The Bad

Okay, so now I’m afraid that we are getting on to the negative aspects of this article. And sadly, there’s going to be a lot more to talk about here.

Firstly, their customer service is pretty awful, being polite. We need to change my wife’s name on the return ticket and, despite the fact that it says on their website that you can change details at any time online, we couldn’t. As such, I needed to call their call centre instead.

Firstly, getting the contact number is confusing as there are a number of different lines that you can call. Yet, when I tried them, most didn’t work. The line would just drop dead.

Eventually, when I found the only UK number that worked, it said that the line was for “disabled enquiries only” and that I should hang up and call their “reservation” line. So, I did… It was the same line, with the same warning and suggestion to call the reservation line. So I was getting very confused and eventually, I decided to just stay on that line.

WizzAir – The Frustrating

I waited for about 30 minutes before finally being able to speak to someone. Yet, they seemed to be unable to know what to do in the end anyway. In fact, I had to call (and wait) three times before I managed to make any headway!

Continuing on with this little name change story, we now move on to the frustrating part of this experience. Having eventually managed to reach someone who seemed to know what they were doing, we explained that my wife’s name and passport number had changed now as it was the first renewal of her passport since we got married.

I was told that I needed to take a photo of the marriage certificate and the new passport and email it to them. Then, I should wait for 20 minutes and call again. So I did and ended up waiting for ages to get through to someone again.

After doing that and getting through to someone again, we were told that they couldn’t change the name in the end anyway, since we had already flown on the outbound flight. Therefore, the return flight was now “locked down” and couldn’t be changed through their system.

Instead, we would need to get it changed at the Check-In Desk at the airport.

However, they did say that we could change the passport number and details in the WizzAir app when checking in online. So, naturally, I tried that straight away. Going through the check in process in the app, I updated all of my wife’s passport information and completed check in.

Then, when I looked at the digital boarding pass, I was furious! It still had the old passport details!

Thus, once again, I jumped back on the phone to WizzAir’s Call Centre. They were very confused by this and told me that they will uncheck my wife so that I can try again. I did and the same thing happened again.

Yet another call to WizzAir later and my wife’s second check in was cancelled and we were told to just do check in at the airport instead.

Once we got to the airport, it ended up being the Burgas airport staff who sorted it out, manually editing and printing a new boarding card for my wife. WizzAir wasn’t able to do it at all, even though it specifically states on their site that you can change any details for each leg of a journey…

And That’s All Folks

This was a bit of a ranting post, so sorry about that, but I needed to get that off my chest. The fact that we were simply trying to do something that WizzAir’s website specifically says that we should be able to do, yet couldn’t, is incredibly frustrating.

It added a huge amount of stress to the end of our holiday, as we didn’t know for certain whether my wife’s details for the flight would actually get updated.

So, when you are travelling with WizzAir, just be aware that changing information regarding your flights is not an easy task. They make it out to be a simple phone call to change it, but I had to call them 5 or 6 times in total and they still weren’t able to do it.

Have you flown with WizzAir? What was your experience like? Let me know in the comments below!