The taste of water is life-enriching. It holds medicinal and health properties in abundance to support the ecosystem. It’s called a lifeline for all forms of life on the planet. Water forms more than one-half of the human body and earth. Isn’t it an interesting observation? The increasing population has always posed a threat to natural resources and water was no exception. The water resources have been affected to varying degrees depending on the region, pollution. The drinking water quality has declined over the decades. The essential minerals present in the water got dissolved with harmful microorganisms, metal salts and other impurities. Families have been relying upon purifiers for a regular supply of clean drinking water. The debate has intensified whether all water purifiers help to restore or maintain the right mineral value in water once the filtration process is over.

The modern water purifiers work on different techniques at multiple stages to ensure tastier, healthier water. Top products offer TDS management feature to preserve essential minerals without compromising on the quality aspect. Families should gather information on different water-related health aspects. We suggest developing a habit of visiting trusted sites to stay updated. You have to help you learn how minerals in drinking water make us stay healthy and what kind of threat it poses in the absence or low consumption.

Filtration process and loss of minerals

The water purifiers have become a household product. They’re necessary for the uninterrupted regular supply of water in the kitchen. The filtration process removes several impurities during different stages. The worrying point is the loss of minerals along with other harmful bacteria. The damage is irreparable in the long run. We’ve got potassium and other minerals considered essential for the growth of mind and body.

Types of minerals and health benefits

a) Iron: Our body needs iron for proper blood circulation. It functions to circulate blood to have oxygen running to all parts of the body. The symptoms of fatigue and insomnia have got a common cause or reason behind it. The iron deficiency causes lack of sleep and tiredness. The right amount of iron intake in water would help to have a healthy lifestyle. Do we need to say more about the presence of iron in the right proportion in the system?

b) Magnesium: The human body has got 60% of magnesium concentration in bones. Every cell has got magnesium available in it. Magnesium can help lower blood pressure, benefits against type 2 diabetes, fights depression etc. A human body deprived of magnesium in water would attract unnecessary health issues.

c) Sulfate: One of the most active agents to detox the body of environmental contamination, remove toxins.

d) Calcium: The most common mineral works to strengthen bones, teeth and nervous system.

Health Risks of Demineralized Water

  1. Drinking water with low magnesium presence can cause grave health issues. Some studies have made dreading revelations on this topic. There’s a higher risk of infants losing the fight against death, women suffering from pregnancy disorders and the possibility of developing some types of cancer.
  2. The lower calcium percentage in water has shown children have more risk of fracturing bones, babies born with low weight at birth.

Early Symptoms of Drinking Demineralized Water

Drinking water with little minerals disturbs the system. The body reserves lose electrolytes to fill for the minerals missing in daily intake of water. It’s the first step to unequal water distribution hampering the proper functioning of different organs at separate levels. The common symptoms of this situation include fatigue, abnormal heart rate, weakness etc.

Diminished Protective Layer against Toxic Metal Salts

Water supply with low minerals is highly susceptible to draw metals or other associated stuff from tankers or pipes. There’s another risk looming large in case if low mineral water doesn’t absorb metal salts and delivers them in your drinking water. Drinking low mineral water puts you at a higher risk to pick health diseases pertaining to these salts in comparison to others.

How Cooking with Low Mineral Water Robs of Essential Nutrients

Low mineral water is one problem and cooking food with it is an additional loss of nutrients in the daily diet. Several reports have suggested that low mineral water isn’t unsafe for drinking alone. It’s also unfit to be used in cooking food. Cooking food with low mineral water would result in a significant loss of nutrients every day.

Maintain Mineral Presence in Water for Healthy Growth

We’ve got to act wise and think from a rational point of view instead of losing focus or playing a victim only to complicate things further. The drinking water should be cleared off impurities at ay cost. On the question of retaining or managing minerals, we need to go back to the stage when we bought the water purifier. Some of the top products have TDS control feature to preserve the right quantity of minerals in the water.

These high-end products purify water through different filtration methods and keep minerals intact. The multi-level filtration process leaves no space for impurities or mineral deficiency.

Importance of TDS Control Water Purifier

The decision of buying a water purifier should not be limited to cleaning the water alone. We’ve learnt the importance of retaining minerals in drinking water. You should think twice before buying a purifier that doesn’t offer TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) control feature. It’ll do no good more than making you feel safe at a superficial level. The kind of impurities found in water asks for thorough understanding of the subject. You should either ask for a demo or check reviews before buying it.

The health of your family is priceless. The investment in a water purifier is like buying an asset. You need to look at the value it brings than the price you pay for it. The importance of minerals in water is as essential as cleaning the water off impurities. It becomes necessary to check both aspects. Drinking clean and mineral-rich water is what your family deserves.

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