A wedding is basically known for its diverse colors. Perhaps this is the place where most people come with their best and colorful garments. When we turn to the bridal entourage team, they speak it all. And to the little angel spreading flowers on the path of the bride, she is an excellent example of how colorful a wedding should be.

For these young flower girls, being in colorful and brightly-colored dresses is a kind of fashion that is acceptable by all. These dresses display the charming beauty of your flower girl making her the center of attraction. So which are the dominant colors?

The Most Dominant Colors

Flower girl dresses are not limited to the 8 colors found in crayon package. We have various colors, hundreds of variations and shades that you can choose from. All you need is to expand your mind a little bit to get the perfect color.

White Despite the hundreds of colors we have, white flower girl dresses and general white shades still remain dominant. It is rare to see a wedding that doesn’t have a white color either as its theme color of the dressing of the bridal team.

Soft pink

This is slowly becoming popular in our millennial generation especially in garden or country club weddings. It gives a sensual touch to the wedding.

In most occasions, the flower girl is dressed in a dress that is mini-bride in fashion. However, her dress may have some touches of colored embroidery or a colored ribbon. In situations where your wedding has only two theme colors, you may choose your flower girl to be in one color of a mixture of the two.

The Commonly used Colors and their meaning

  1. Blue – this can be a very awesome color for beach weddings which fits properly for seaside atmosphere. As part of the floral patterns, you may decide to use blue-green. In case your wedding will be at the beach, let the flower girl dress be flowing in style and have several floral patterns. Blue basically symbolizes calmness and tranquility. It has a soothing effect.
  2. White – this color symbolizes purity, cleanliness, and freshness. You can have white flower girl dresses embellished or given a touch of the floral patterns.
  3. Orange – this can be a great color if you are holding your wedding among mango, tangerine or even in coral. It can be very refreshing symbolizing happiness, energetic, healthy, and great harvest in your marriage.
  4. Pink – this is one of the colors that are traditionally known to be feminine. It symbolizes romantic love; a perfect match of what is happening at your wedding.
  5. Purple – this comes in various shades ranging from iris, periwinkle, and lilac. It symbolizes royalty, power, and luxury. It’s a great color for your flower girl to have in her dress
  6. Red – it symbolizes energy, strong passion/love, and strength. It can be a great color if your wedding is in an orchard or garden park.
  7. Gold – now many flower girls are dressed in metallic colored dresses. Gold symbolizes prestige, quality, kings, and queens.


There are various colors that can make a flower girl dress look outstanding including yellow, green, gray, and even brown. Depending on what each color symbolizes, you can choose to match your wedding day.