As a parent of a toddler, one of the most dreaded experiences is the public meltdown! Whilst people may stare and make comments, it’s something virtually every parent has experienced, or will experience, at some point in their lives! Here, we have some tried and tested tips to help you handle a meltdown the next time one happens when you’re out in public.

Divert and Distract those Toddler Temper Tantrums

The simplest way to avoid a meltdown from happening is to stay away from situations where they are more likely to occur. This can often be difficult, but if your child always has a meltdown in a particular place or at a certain time, try to either leave them at home or provide a distraction. Always carry snacks and toys – they can be lifesavers in the event of a public meltdown. Many children get cranky when they are getting tired or bored, so by carrying activities and snacks, you are well on the way to saving your children from entering full-blown meltdown mode!

Move to a Quieter Place

Sometimes, being out and about can throw a young child’s emotional balance off. Often, moving aside to somewhere quieter can be enough to help things settle down again. If you’re in a store, a common location for tantrums, move aside to a quieter corner or even return to the car briefly if possible. This can also help you calm down, as you will not be under the watchful stares of fellow shoppers, which can add to the stress of dealing with a public meltdown.

Create a Toddler Behavior Chart for Successful Days Out

If your child knows there is a reward waiting for them when they get home or get back to the car, they will be more likely to behave when you are out and about. It doesn’t have to be a big reward, it can be something simple like being allowed to watch TV afterward, or to read an extra story at bedtime. Small rewards like these can work wonders with toddlers and young children – if you feel they are on the verge of having a meltdown, quickly remind them of the treat which is waiting for them at home!

Learn about Dealing with Toddler Tantrums

When your child is in the midst of a huge meltdown, it can be difficult to resist the temptation to shout at or spank them. It’s important to remember that this doesn’t really work in the long term, and can actually have negative consequences. Positive parenting and disciplining with love are really important and can help children become well-rounded adults, who will in turn love and nurture their own children someday.

Shouting might work in the short term, and stop your child in their tracks. However, you will only teach them that by shouting you get your own way – so the next time they disagree with you they will just end up shouting back!

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