There are a large number of websites offering online blackjack games since most people find playing games online more convenient. Most of these websites allow the player to play the game for free, without spending any money and are usually supported by advertising. The free online blackjack games are less likely to be regulated. If they are developed for a smartphone, they may be checked for malware before they are released, however it is very difficult to find out if the online blackjack software for windows contains a virus or malware which can steal data for the laptop or make it crash. Hence it is advisable to check the publisher or software developer of the blackjack game, their reputation and then take a decision on playing the game online or downloading the software or app.

Blackjack games at online casinos

When compared to free online blackjack games, there are far more stringent laws which regulate online casinos where players are gambling with real money. Though there may be some complaints that the online casino is rigged, if no or very few gamblers won a blackjack game at the casino, the other gamblers would lose faith in the online casino and stop gambling. In most countries there is a regulatory authority for ensuring that the online and offline casinos are not rigged, their software conforms to the quality standards which are acceptable. For example, the gaming commission in the United Kingdom regulates the online casinos which are based in the country.


It is important to ensure that the casino where blackjack is being played is licensed in the country where the player is located, else it is difficult to initiate legal action in case of any problem, like casino refusing to pay the winner of the blackjack game. The software used should also be licensed for use in the country, for example casinos which use Netent software are not allowed in Canada. The casino will often block players from specific countries.

Age of the casino and payout report

Many of the reputed online casinos were started in 1997 and have invested a large amount of money and resources building a reputation. These casinos are usually more reliable and offer better return to player percentage payouts, abbreviated as RTP. The RTP is a very important factor in determining how likely the gambler is to win at blackjack and other games at the casino.

Number of decks of cards

For various online blackjack games, the number of decks of cards used will vary. The greater the number of decks which are used, the less likely a player is to win his bet for the blackjack game. If only a few decks of cards are used the player is more likely to get a blackjack or win his bet.

Version of blackjack

There are many different versions of online blackjack games being played worldwide at the online casinos. These versions often differ slightly in their rules, number of decks of cards which are being used. Some of the different versions of the blackjack games are the Las Vegas, Atlanta city and hybrid version of the blackjack game, which combines the rules. It is advisable for the gambler to read the rules of a particular blackjack game carefully, before playing the game online, else the player may feel that he is being cheated.

Shuffling the cards

To simulate the shuffling of the cards in the offline casino, the online casinos are using random number generators to ensure that the cards are properly shuffled, and it is difficult to guess the sequence of the cards in the deck. If the cards are not shuffled properly, the results of the blackjack game will alter significantly and the game may appear to be rigged.

Test the demo version

Each of the online casino websites has a number of blackjack games available. These online casinos offer a demo version of each of the casino games which the player can test without betting any money. Only if he is satisfied with the blackjack game and familiar with the rules, he should consider betting and playing the game with real money

Online Casinos with live dealers

Though most online casinos and blackjack games are licensed and certified there is a possibility that the random number generator used is not truly random. In this case, the gambler should consider playing at an online casino with live dealers. These dealers will shuffle the cards and manually distribute the cards to the gamblers at the blackjack table reducing the risk of manipulation. Often there is a greater probability that a gambler will win a blackjack game, with live dealers.

Check online blackjack reviews

There are a large number of reviews of online blackjack games at different casinos. While there is a possibility that some of the reviews may be manipulated, it is advisable to find out how the review website ensures that the blackjack reviews posted are authentic. For example, some websites, will verify that a particular reviewer has actually played the blackjack game at the online casino which he is reviewing, while for other websites, manipulated reviews may be posted by a person who has not played blackjack at the casino at all.

Currencies, deposit and payout options

It is important to check the currencies in which the player can bet for blackjack games, and also withdraw his winnings. Usually the gambler has more options for making a deposit when he wishes to place a bet for the blackjack game, and the withdrawal options are limited for most casinos. The deposit and withdrawal options also vary depending on the country where the gambler is located.

Check the minimum amount for betting

For most of the online blackjack games, only a certain minimum amount will be accepted for placing a bet. In some cases, this minimum amount may be more than what some gamblers can afford to bet, so these online games should be avoided. For online blackjack, like other online casino games, a gambler should only gamble what he can afford to lose, since gambling is mainly for entertainment.

The above tips will help ensure that playing online blackjack games is an enjoyable experience.

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