If you are a business owner, it is almost certain that you will be involved in digital marketing of some description. But for a lot of ‘old school’ business types, they have been slower to embrace the trend than others. With the internet continuing to grow in importance and dominating the business world, there are more and more benefits to having a clear digital marketing strategy. That is not to say that traditional marketing has entirely lost its effectiveness, but let’s take a closer look at why digital marketing is becoming so dominant.

More Opportunities to Get Noticed

Traditional forms of marketing tend to be expensive, and therefore larger businesses tend to have the edge. But anyone can create a website, whether they are using a big firm or an individual developer like Darren Langley. And if you work hard on your SEO strategy and combine this with a strong social media presence and content creation formula, you have the opportunity to get noticed by potential customers all over the world.

Reduced Cost

Like we just mentioned, traditional marketing tends to be fairly expensive while your business can develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for a much more reasonable price. And with so many people choosing to do their shopping online these days, it makes sense that you try to target these people directly. If you can do this cheaply as well, it is even better!

Easier to Measure Results

Without asking people directly, it is very difficult to measure the results of your billboard advertising or television campaign. On the other hand, you can directly measure the traffic to your website and determine where it is coming from. You can also see who is responding to your email marketing campaigns and how many people are sharing your social media posts. This means that you have a much better idea about what is working and what isn’t.

Refinement of Strategy

Following on from the previous point, it is much easier to refine your digital strategy than it is to refine your regular one. If you don’t get any responses from a particular post but you get plenty from another, you can instantly start to see what people are responding to. Similarly, if you find that people are searching for a particular keyword on Google, you can put more of your marketing spend into focusing on this option ahead of the others.

Sharing Opportunities

It is very rare that people will start sharing around a particular leaflet, but very common that people will share a particular video or article through social media. People simply liking a post of Facebook gets you noticed by a whole range of people that may never have heard of you before. Of course, you need to make sure you are producing the right kind of content which is a different story entirely, but if you get the formula right, you can find that it really does pay off.

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