Looking for something to get dad? Then check out these popular games that he’s sure to love. And hey, don’t tell him we said so, but maybe he’ll even let you play. Also, with these games, dads don’t have to worry. They are fun for the whole family!

5. Job Simulator

Okay, this one is last on the best product review list because it is very pricey at about $240. But that is because I mean, c’mon. It’s virtual reality. Who doesn’t want to try virtual reality? In this charming PS4 simulation game, you are a robot who is exploring what it was like back when humans had jobs. Interacting with the environment is key to this game, and the programmers made a lot of silliness for you to find when you do. So be sure to have friends and family around when you play for some fun and laughter.

4. Kerbal Space Program

Newly available on PS4, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Kerbal Space Program is a fun and educational game. This physics-based simulator allows the player to build rockets and propel them into space. Dad can keep his mind sharp in any of three different playing modes. Whether he’s playing in career mode, science mode, or sandbox mode, this one is sure to provide him with a satisfying, challenging gaming experience. And how can you not love those cute little green Kerbals that you launch into space and…well, we won’t mention the part where the rocket might accidentally explode.

3. Stardew Valley Multiplayer

Stardew Valley has taken the gaming world by storm. Although it’s still in development, you can now play this favorite farming simulator with friends and family in the beta multiplayer version. The whole family, up to four people, can farm together. And, dads, you’re going to love this: You can actually marry your own real-life wife. That’s right, players can marry each other!

2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

My guess is that if you’re planning to buy a Switch, it’s probably because of this. In Breath of the Wild, you play as Link exploring an open world and fighting monsters. Unlike any Zelda game that comes before it, you will be in awe of the beautiful graphics and the smooth and intuitive gameplay as well as its new survival aspect.

1. Iconoclasts

Is dad nostalgic about old school games? This pixel graphic platformer will bring him back to the good old days as he fights bad guys, solves puzzles, and upgrades Robin’s suit and weapon. With intriguing characters and epic boss battles, this challenging game is sure to make dad feel like a kid again.

So, hop on it and get dad some amazing games. He’ll raise your allowance! He’ll never ground you again! Wait, is that dad reading this? Oh. We just meant to say that he’d be really thankful and proud. Mostly, dad will just have an epic time.

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