One of the best things about building a website with WordPress is the sheer amount of tools and plugins available for the platform! In fact, there are so many its nearly impossible to know where to start! That goes for any WordPress site using my personal favourite theme, Divi. So, to help you all out a bit, today I will be discussing my picks for the tools every Divi site needs!


Come on, this one was a given, right? You’ll probably have seen Yoast included in almost every plugin list out there, so I won’t waste your time going over the finer points of the tool. All I will say is that if you don’t have it installed on your website by now, what the bloody hell are you thinking? Even if you just want it for the awesome sitemap functionality, you need to get it, like now! Seriously…

Divi Article Card

Released as part of the Divi 100 series, this is a must have for anyone running a blog site using Divi. Whilst I love the theme, the standard grid layout for the blog module leaves a lot to be desired. Yes, it is a blank canvas that you can edit through CSS, but for those out there who don’t know CSS but want something that looks really good, the Article Card plugin gives them exactly what they need!

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All you need to do is install and activate the plugin and you’ll have a whole new look for the grid layout! The added date over the featured image, as well as the animation of the excerpt look really nice! And of course, you can change the colour scheme to suit the style of your website too!

Revive Old Post

The next one is another utterly awesome plugin for a blog section of a website! Basically, Revive Old Post connects to your social media accounts and allows you to schedule automated shares of your old posts! This helps to breath new life into them, whilst also giving people who missed them the first time around a change to engage with their content! It’s really easy to use too!

All you need to do is install the plugin, choose how often your want a post to be shared, and what age the posts to be shared should be. Bloody simple, wouldn’t you say!? And definitely worth the absolutely minimal effort involved, as the boost in traffic, engagement, and hell, even social shares and likes is great!

Mailchimp for WP

I know, I know! Divi already comes with Mailchimp integration, and its actually a damn good looking Opt-in form that can be styled really nicely! But you know, there’s also this handy little plugin that will let you create your own opt-in form that can then be put into widgets on the sidebar or in the footer! Having even more places where people can easily sign up to your newsletter is always a good idea!

There’s even an add-on plugin called Top Bar that lets you put a floating bar at the top of the page with an opt-in form! That way, if readers like your content and want more of it, they don’t need to faff around looking for your opt-in form! It’s sitting at the top of their browser windows! Conversation rate optimisation at its best, wouldn’t you say?

AMP WordPress Plugin

Okay, so I’ve been going on about this plugin a lot lately, and you know what, maybe they should hire me as their marketing guy! In all seriousness though, we all know about Google AMP push (read more here if you don’t), so when a plugin works as well as this one does, its kind of a no-brainer really… I’ve tested it (you can read about that here) and validated it with Google new AMP validation tool, and the pages that it creates are all coded correctly. Its quick and easy to install, and makes AMP versions of all the posts on your website without the risk of duplicate content!

So, why not just install it? Its no skin off your back but will help massively! Especially since Google is splitting its index and putting the primary focus on mobile! Time to get ready with every tool that can help with the mobile experience on your site!

Th-that’s all folks!

Well, there you have it. Those are my pciks for five tools ever Divi website should be using! They’ll help to breath new life into old posts, create mobile friendly content and optimise your site as a whole. But what about you guys? What are your top picks for plugins for a Divi or WordPress site in general? Let me know in the comments!

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