Ok, so let me start off by saying I’m a huge A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones fan. I have been for years… I started with the books, and then jumped to series as well, and thoroughly enjoy both versions of the story. So, after this week’s episode, I just had to make a list of my favourite moments of the TV show so far.

WARNING: This post will, obviously, contain spoilers for Game of Throne, up to and including Episode 4 of Season 7.

With that little warning out of the way, let’s get on with the list, shall we?


We’ll start with an epic battle that truly encapsulated the tone of the series to that point; Hardhome. As Jon and his fellow Night’s Watch men made their way to Hardhome to meet with the Wildlings, we all expected things to go south… After all, who would have expected the Wildlings to openly welcome and trust the Night’s Watch? The whole plan seemed to be leading to a horrific event. But I don’t think anyone was ready for what actually went down.

Discussions between the two were difficult, but nothing compared to the Night King making his arrival… As the cold fog swept over the lands and the gates to the main town were sealed shut, you could hear the screams of those locked outside. You knew it was about to get all too real.

Then, what started as a tense diplomatic journey turned into a medieval horror movie! The army of the dead began to bust their way through the walls, clamber over the palisades and force their way inside the town. In fact, they even flung themselves off the side of the cliff that towered over Hardhome, before getting right back up again and joining the absolutely crazy battle that ensued.

What became known as the Massacre at Hardhome was a completely one-sided battle that truly showed how powerful the White Walkers and their undead armies are.

The Spoils of War

This was always going to be included in a post like this, wasn’t it? How could it not be? Season 7 really showed us why it is a shorter season with this one battle…

As Jamie and Bronn are escorting food and supplies from the sacking of House Tyrell, they are interrupted by the sound of horses galloping. Then, over the horizon, came the Dothraki horde, charging at full speed. And there were thousands of them! The Lannister army gathered themselves, getting into formation and preparing for one hell of a fight.

Then Daenerys appears on Drogon’s back…

What followed was one of the most amazing battle scenes in the series so far! Drogon rained fiery vengeance down upon the Lannister army, turning the men into ash. The Dothraki tore through the soldiers like they were butter. Jamie and Bronn fought as hard as they could. And you had no idea who to root for.

This was especially true when Bronn was making his way through the battle to the Scorpion weapon in an attempt to kill Drogon… You were torn completely, and that was the perfect way to remind you what show you were watching.

The Battle of the Bastards

Yes, it’s another battle, but come on… This was absolutely amazing! We’d just seen Jon’s return to the fray (we’ll get to that) and now we were about to see him lock horns with Ramsey Bolton… And we were all ready for it, weren’t we?

The build up of tension was perfect, with Ramsey looking overly confident and Jon appearing to rush his plans but also prepared to take things carefully. But then, when Ramsey brings Rickon Stark onto the field, the whole situation changes – Jon loses control and runs into the middle of the field just in time to see Rickon die. Then the battle begins, with Jon on his own, right in the centre of the battlefield.

This is still my favourite battle scene in a fantasy production to date… It felt so realistic, and you could tell that they had based it upon actual historical battle tactics. In fact, it was pretty common for knights to be trampled and crushed to death by other knights or the dead bodies piling up.

Then, when the action moves into Winterfell itself, and we got to see Jon pummeling Ramsey, it was amazing! The pay off was huge! Ramsey’s battered and broken face was a sight we had wanted to see for so long!

The Resurrection

Ok, so this was a short scene, but it still made me say “holy shit”… We all thought Jon was coming back to life, but when Melissandre’s little ritual seemed to fail, so many of us began to worry. Then, the lingering shot on Jon’s face as we knew the episode was coming to an end seemed like a goodbye shot.

Then his eyes popped open at the same time as took a deep gasp for his first breath of new life. All you need to do is go to YouTube and take a look at the reaction videos for this scene and you’ll see what people thought of this moment. It was absolutely amazing and blew everyone away.

The show played us as it always does, and the directors did it so well.

The Viper and The Mountain

If ever you wanted to see a beautifully choreographed fight scene between two adversaries who seem like their should be in different weight classes, this is it. It was also the moment that sparked off the aggression between Dorne and King’s Landing and also leads to The Mountain being the absolute beast of an undead warrior that he is now.

The swift moves of Oberyn, spins and twirling around the mountain, made you think that he was going to win. You were rooting for him already, and it seemed like (for once) there was going to be a happy resolution… Of course, you were then reminded which TV show you were watching.

Instead of that happy resolution, we were hoping for, we got one of the most brutal deaths in the show so far… One that most people were so shocked by, it was actually referred to as “disgusting”. We were played for fools again, and this time, the pay off broke us… Well played, Game of Thrones… Well played.

R + L = J Confirmed

It’s quite rare that we ever get confirmation of a fan theory… In fact, it’s something that almost never happens. So, when there’s a fan theory so prevalent that the large majority of fans already believe in it, you expect it to be something that just never gets resolved. Then, Bran got to see the Tower of Joy.

We actually got to see Lyanna Stark handing a baby Jon to Ned, confirming that Jon isn’t Ned’s bastard… We were right all along – Jon is half Stark, half Targaeryan. It sent chills down my spine when I saw this for the first time!

Dany’s Strength Shines Through

Going back to Dany now, and one of the moments where we really got to see just how strong a force she now had. Backed by the Dothraki and the Unsullied, she lay waste to her enemies in Meereen whilst riding her dragons and splitting boats in half with fire.

It was another one of the very few satisfying scenes that made you scream in joy… After all, Game of Thrones is a very somber TV show… So when scenes like this do happen, they are made even more powerful!

It felt like she was getting vindication after everything she had been through. And we got to see what we had wanted for ages. Oh, and the dragons breaking out from under Meereen gave me such a huge smile! I could watch this over and over for hours…

Honourable Mention: You Know Nothing Jon Snow

But of course, as this is a Game of Thrones post, I have to follow the theme of the show and end on a somber note with this honourable mention… You see, Ygritte was my Game of Thrones crush… So, when the Wildlings attacked the Night’s Watch and we had to see Ygritte fall, it was hard.

But then, to hear her say those words once more was even worse… This was a love story that seemed, at least for a while, like it may turn out okay! But then, Game of Thrones had to be all Game of Thrones on us… Didn’t it?

And That’s All Folks

Those are my top 7 (plus one) picks for my favourite moments in Game of Thrones so far. What are your favourite parts of the series? Where do you think it’s going to go next? Let me know in the comments below!

Oh, and since we’re here, how about a bit of fun? Take the quiz below to find out which Westeros house you belong too!

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