Well, it’s officially E3 weekend 2017; a huge weekend for gamers everywhere! For those of you who don’t know what it is, the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Exposition) is the biggest gaming event of the year! All three console companies (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) show up, along with hundreds of game development companies, to announce and revealed the latest and upcoming games. It’s also famous for it’s suprise reveals, such as the following moment when the Final Fantasy 7 Remake was announced.

And so, now that we’ve reached E3 2017, I wanted to list out the games that I am hoping to see more of. We’ve already had the EA press conference, with details of Need for Speed and Star Wars Battlefront 2, but there’s so much more to come. So, let’s get started!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

And what better way to get started that to mention the game you’ve just seen the announcement of? The reamke of FF7 was announced back at E3 2015, so it’s been a full 2 years since the announcement. Now, news has surfaced that the game (along with Kingdom Hearts 3) will b released “within the next 3 years”, so it’s a long shot whether anything will actually be shown this year, but we can always hope! And can you imagine how happy it would make people? Just listen to this crowd reaction from that CGI trailer.

The Last of Us Part 2

Now, I’ve mentioned The Last of Us in a lot of my featured (just like FF7 actually), but there’s good reason for it. To this day, it is still one of the best games ever made! So, when they showed an initial teaser to announce the development of The Last of Us Part 2, I flipped my sh*t! Seriously! The only trailers that got me more excited that this were the FF7 remake trainler, and the next game on this list.

But I digress… The Last of Us Part 2 is supposedly in “very early development”, and Naughty Dog (the developers) have the new Uncharted game coming out in a couple of months, so it’s likely we won’t see The Last of Us Part 2 at this E3. Why? They might not want to steal the thunder from Uncharted. But once again, just listen to the reaction from the PlayStation Experience announcement trailer.

Any more information on The Last of Us Part 2 would be massive, and really help push Sony to the top in terms of competition.

Shenmue 3

Ok, so this is another game that was announced during Sony’s “here are all of your dreams coming true” press conference of E3 2015. Originally a series on the Dreamcast (if anyone remembers Sega’s last console), Shenmue was a pioneering and utterly amazing couple of games that was supposed to be a full trilogy.

However, when the Dreamcast went under, everyone thought that the series was dead. Well, it isn’t! We’ve seen the trailer, we’ve made it a record breaking Kickstarter success… And now, we want to see more!

So come on, Sony! Give us a final release date! And whilst you’re at it, how about an HD remaster of the first 2 games?

Red Dead Redemption 2

The first Red Dead Redemption was one of the best games of last generation, taking the humour and gameplay style of Grand Theft Auto and actually making it work in the dirty, gritty and serious world of the Wild West. On top of that, the writing and storyline were amazing, and pulled you, kicking and screaming, into the world.

So, when Rockstar casually changed their logo red on Twitter, before tweeting a logo shot of the game with a trailer, everyone lost it! We never thought we’d actually get a sequel!

And now that E3 2017 is here, it would be great to see some more! But, as you have guessed by how they released the trailer to begin with, Rockstar aren’t big on coming to E3…

The New Bethesda IP

Bethesda are such a powerhouse juggernaut of a development studio! They’ve made the modern Fallout games, the Elder Scrolls games, and are part of the same group of companies as iD Software, makers of Doom. So, yeah, you know they are always going to do something big!

So, when they announced that they are going to have a brand new IP that takes inspiration from games like The Division, my mouse started drooling! They’ve apparently got two open world games in production at the moment, so as one of the kings of open world games (the other being Rockstar), those two are going to be epic!

Rumour has it tha the game will be called Starfield. So, let’s all keep a close eye on the Bethesda confernce, and see what they have up their sleeves this year!

The Next Tomb Raider

For a series that really lost its way a few years ago, Tomb Raider has shot back up to the top of the gaming world ever since the reboot in 2013. Then, of course, there was Rise of the Tomb Raider in 2015. As there were two years between those two, it makes sense that E3 2017 would be the year to, at least, reveal the next game in the series!

After all, Lara Croft is still one of the queens of gaming, and I’m sure every gamer out there wants to see what is next for her! Especially since Crystal Dynamics took over development and Square Enix (developers of Final Fantasy) become producers of the series.

Let’s hope that E3 2017 is the year we get some news (and maybe gameplay footage) of the next installment of this epic series!

Devil May Cry 5/Resident Evil 2 Remake

Ok, so there are a really, really long shots, but are also somethings I would absolutely love to see! And yes, I know there was a fifth Devil May Cry, called DMC, but it was a rebbot/reimagining of it, rather than an actual sequel. Plus, Capcom did say they were planning on remaking Resident Evil 2

So, they could blow the gaming world wide open once again with either of these annoucements (or both, please…). And since Sony has, for the last two years, focused their conferences on high profile, jaw dropping announcements of dream games, their conference could be the perfect time to announce them!

If even one of these was announced at E3 2017, it would break the internet, just like FF7, Shenmue 3 and The Last of Us 2. Or indeed, just like the announcement of Resident Evil 7 when that first dropped. Plus, the success of Resident Evil 7 has shown that the fans want (and love) a horror based Resident Evil rather than the action-orientated fifth and sixth games. And since RE2 is still considered one of the best in the series, it would be great to get the remake in production and actually see it!

On top of that, the aforementioned fifth Devil May Cry game, DMC: Devil May Cry (a terrible title), didn’t really feel like a true Devil May Cry game. So, to get an announcement of a new, actual sequel to Devil May Cry 4, with the original version of Dante, would be amazing!

And That’s All Folks

There we go! Those of my 7 (or rather 8, since I cheated with the last entry) games that I want to see at E3 2017. If any of these appear, it’ll be absolutely awesome. But whatever happens, you know that there’s going to be some big reveals!

Are you going to be watching the E3 2017 conferences? If you want to, but aren’t sure of the time,s, here’s the UK times that they’ll be on:

  • EA Conference- FINISHED
  • Microsoft Conference- SUN 11TH – 22:00 PM
  • Bethesda Conference – MON 12TH – 05:00 AM
  • PC Gaming Show – MON 12TH – 18:00 PM
  • UbiSoft Conference – MON 12TH – 21:00 PM
  • Sony Conference – TUE 13TH – 02:00 AM
  • Nintendo Conference – TUE 13TH – 17:00 PM

If you are wondering where to watch them, then here’s a list of the places I would recommend:

If you are thinking of watching them, or if there are any games you are excited about, let me know in the comments below!

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