It was my daughter’s second birthday a couple of months ago, and we’d been wracking our brains trying to work out what the perfect gift for her was… Especially with our limited budget at the time. We would search and search again, looking through Toys ‘R’ Us, Amazon and Argos, plus a bunch of other places…

I would spend my lunch times at work seeing what I could find, whilst my other half would be looking at home.

The Perfect Gift

In the end, we bought her a great big box of Megablox, that also came with a folding table to built them on. It seems absolutely perfect, and we were completely certain that she would play with it for ages… We were wrong. And oh how wrong we were…

At first, she wouldn’t leave it alone, and we thought we’d cracked it! For hours she played with the bricks, building and rearranging them… She made a few towers, and then she started to play catch with the blocks… It was at that point that I realised what was coming next. You see, when she starts throwing toys around, it means that she’s getting bored of them…

And so it happened…

My little princess threw one more across the room, sat down and sighed. The novelty of something new had worn off the same day she had received it.

Two minutes passed as she tried to figure out what to do next, and then she went straight back to playing with the same old boxes that she has been enjoying for ages. One thing that I never believed, until I became a parent, was the idea that kids just generally preferred to play with cardboard boxes over actual toys. But the funniest thing is, it is completely true… They will have fun with the next toys you buy them, but that will only last a little while. Cardboard boxes, on the other hand, are apparently the greatest invention the world has ever seen!

A Cardboard World

And so we now have the odd cardboard box all over the place; the living room, our bedroom and even the car… And they are all just so that she can play with them when she wants to.

So, my advice to any parent who is panicking about what they can get for their kid? Don’t… You’ll spend ages trying to fight that “special something”, and it won’t last. We’ve tried so many things, including smart toys… And every single one ended up the same way; gathering dust whilst she plays with cardboard boxes.

In fact, the only toys that didn’t end up that way are wooden shape toys, which are made to look like fish.

And That’s All Folks

That’s the story of how our perfect gift was pushed aside in order for my little one to get to the 75p cardboard box instead. So, remember this; keep it simple! You can splash out on a toy for your kid, but be aware that it won’t last and they will go back to whatever it was that hooked them before. It might be cardboard boxes or it might not. But either way, they’ll go back to it.

Do you have any funny stories about kids wanting the box more than the toy? If so, please let a comment below!