Located in the southeast of Europe lies Greece, also known as the Hellenic Republic. The name Hellenic republic came from the Romans who spoke in Latin after conquering the Hellas. There are so many interesting facts about Greece. For starters, this is the home of the first Olympics. It’s the Greeks who invented the Olympics. It was a festivity to honour Zeus, king of the gods, according to Greek mythology. The ancient Greeks are also known to be great inventors, thanks to them, we can attribute major breathtaking modern inventions. Actually, western philosophy is in great debt to the Greeks.

Before we turn this into a drive through history, let’s take a look at some tips and guidelines you should know when travelling through ancient Greece.

Steer Clear Of the Peak Season

Known to be a beautiful destination, it has the most perfect picturesque landscapes. This means that it’s going to be packed during the pick seasons. At this time, even the Greeks are on holiday. It’s that time of the year when accommodation prices soar, not to mention the blistering hot weather. The best time to visit Greece is in late July to end of August, which is towards the end of the peak season. You’ll be glad you waited to enjoy the sea, fresh nights, and great flora.

Go With the Flow

One thing that is common among the Greeks is the fact that they don’t hold punctuality with the seriousness it deserves. It might, therefore, be a little rude to expect a prompt means of transportation or a snappy service in the restaurants. However, you may also want to learn about celebrity cruises to Greece if you’re looking to get the best of this nation’s history, culture, romance, and the amazing cuisine that awaits you.

Be Sensitive With the Culture

The population in Greece is a mixture of the modern and open-minded young Greeks combined with that of the older generation. It is, therefore, important to be aware of the places you visit in regards to clothing. Visiting churches and monasteries in skimpy tops and shorts may be frowned upon, as well as nudity in designated beaches. Apart from this, you get to enjoy a rich culture and heritage that has been passed from generation to generation.

Watch Your Valuables

When travelling through Athens, you’ll notice that it has become the concrete jungle Socrates never thought it would become. It’s home to the most magnificent museums and is also rich with incredible sights. However, as the population soars, the effects can be seen in the increasing number of the homeless as well as shuttered homes. Though not typically unsafe, it’s important to take care of your belongings in especially the crowded public transportation channels.

Know the Places to Visit in Greece

Being the plethora of ancient architecture, you’ll also come across tasty cuisines, a great atmosphere, and sunny beaches. There’s a myriad of interesting places that you will enjoy in ancient Greece, some of which include the following.

Thessaloniki – This is Greece’s second largest city, the capital of Macedonia. It comes alive at night, especially during the festivities. Visit the food markets, art galleries, and museums.
Delphi – This is Greece’s most important and popular archaeological site. It’s located about two and a half hours from Athens. The ancient Greeks revered Delphi as the center of the earth. This was where the priestess abode and men and women would come from all over to seek counsel.
Crete – Don’t leave Greece before visiting Crete. Crete has the most beautiful and scenic coastline. It’s a city that harbors ancient history and archeological history of civilization.

There is a good level of the English language throughout Greece. But, it doesn’t hurt to learn some Greek. With the above few tips, you have no reason to exclude ancient Greece from your list of travel destinations to visit next.