A great tablet combines the power of a laptop and the versatility of a mobile phone. When it comes to making your tablet purchase, there are lots of factors to consider. You might be looking to use your tablet for work, or for a specific task where the portable tablet will be helpful. If that’s the case, this article isn’t going to be very helpful to you.
The only thing I care about when it comes to my tablet is how well it streams video content. Let’s look at all the questions you should ask if you, like me, are looking for a tablet that will let you binge-watch Netflix shows or the streaming options available from Optimum without pause as you move through the world.

Video and Audio

First of all, before you jump into a tablet purchase, just like with any other electronics purchase you’ll want to get to know the items you’re considering. I like to use a trusted third-party review source to find stats and anecdotal information about anything I’m considering picking up.

When it comes to streaming content, the main things you’ll want to consider are the video and audio options you have. Take a look at the pixels-per-inch (ppi) of the tablet you might pick up. Right now, a good tablet will have well above 200 ppi, helping you see all the little details even on the undersized screen.

When it comes to sound, you might think you have to give up quality when using a tablet, but that is not the case. Lots of tablets have great built-in speakers. Consider whether you’ll mainly be listening on the internal speakers or on something else, like a set of headphones. Either way, this will be a critical part of the experience.


You’ve got a wide variety of top tablets that will be able to show you high-quality video, but it will only work if you’ve got a good connection. Before you buy your new tablet, do your research and make sure all the streaming services you want will play nicely with your tablet.

This means you’ll need to consider the operating system each tablet uses, as well as any specific apps or services you’ll want to pull up. Consider whether you’ll be using a lot of video downloaded from the internet, or if you’ll be connecting this tablet to your cable content.

Finally, think about whether you’ll mainly be using your tablet over a Wifi network or using cellular data. If you’re going with the data option, you’ll need to factor in the price of your data plan with anything you pick up.

Wrapping It Up

The best part of our connected world is that you no longer need to venture too far away from all the movies and TV shows you love. A good tablet can be perfect for taking everything with you when you leave the house, or just when you leave the couch. Take your time and try to make sure the tablet you choose will have all the bells and whistles to make your streaming experience great.

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