Well, it’s the New Year! So, I wanted to talk about my plans for YouTube going forward…

So as you may or may not know, I used to do live streams on my YouTube channel. Then I did plot analysis videos, or rather, a couple of them anyway. Actually, I really tried lots of different things but never really found something that’s stuck. Eventually, the analysis idea just went away and the live streams; they went on to Twitch. Basically my YouTube channel effectively ended up getting one video every couple of months and I really haven’t done anything with it.

Therefore, now that we are in 2020 and it is a New Year, it’s time for a change.

YouTube Gaming Content

Going forward, I’m planning on doing at least one video a week. I will be doing a vlog of sorts, similar to the one above, with me just chatting about random stuff; it’ll usually be something to do with retro gaming because, after all, retro gaming is pretty much the gist of what I’m my content is about.

So, that will include things like top 7 lists and other things that we all know we love. But also, on top of that, every week over on my Twitch channel, we play a random retro game on Sundays. The game is chosen the week before, completely at random and then (on this blog) I’ve been reviewing the game of that week.

But rather than just keep it on the blog, I’m also planning to start doing it on YouTube as well!

So, you’ll get weekly video reviews of random retro games each week! Then, I’m also planning another thing; I’ve planned to do a monthly series of videos called Demo Reel. These will basically involve my first impressions of an RPG Demo for PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

I have been an RPG fan for, well nearly three decades now, so I have experienced most of the genre. With that in mind, I’ll be playing through the first 15 minutes or so of the game or demo. It’ll be recorded similar to a livestream, with a face cam, so you’ll be able to see my exact reactions and opinions of the game. Thus, you’ll get honest first impressions of it!

And That’s All Folks

So, moving forward, we’re actually going to have something decent on my YouTube channel! I want to make a damn good try of it when it comes to YouTube and I want to make sure that this actually works this time.

It’s something I’ve really neglected and I’m sorry for that, but moving forward, I have got plans that I’m going to put them in place!

So look forward to it is all I’m going to say. You can also expect more pick up videos and similar content, but I only go to a few retro game events every now and then. Specifically, I will be visiting the Doncaster market so you’ll see some videos around that.

However, I want my YouTube channel to have more of a focus on the actual games themselves rather than picking them up. If that sounds good, I would really appreciate it if you could subscribe to my YouTube channel! Oh, and happy New Year!