In case you haven’t guessed it from all of my other posts, I’m a huge fan of TV shows and movies. Be it things like Game of Thrones, Catfish (a guilty pleasure of mine) or other TV shows, I love a good series! Thus, I also hate missing episodes when I am out and about!

So, when I heard about TV Player, an online TV channel streaming service, I was more than intrigued. After a look around the website, and a discussion with the OH, we decided to give it a try.


Registering an account with TV Player is pretty simple. In fact, to watch the freeview channels available on the site, you don’t even need to register! So yeah, that’s pretty damn awesome in and of itself. But, come on… Let’s all be honest, no one is every happy with just freeview channels.

So, you can sign up for TV Player Plus and get access to all of the channels they have to offer. These include (but are definitely not limited to) National Geographic and History for those of you who like documentaries, MTV and Comedy Central for when you want a laugh, and Cartoon Network for the kids! There’s a total of 29 premium channels available!

But I digress. Registration itself is really easy, because you just need to put in an email address and password, are off you go. It’s that simple!


Usability for channel streaming is pretty self-explanatory… Can you watch things easily? Yes? Good. But of course, it’s how you can watch then that’s important, isn’t it?

That’s why it’s great that TV Player has apps for iOS and Android. But they also have apps for Amazon OS and Windows, so no matter what device you have, you’ll be able to get the app and watch all of those channels really easily!

Changing channels is as simple as choosing the one you want to watch and letting it load. Oh, and the streams start up really quickly, and I haven’t had any issue with them going down either. Service-wise, TV Player seems to have it down perfectly!


Well, I’ve already covered the fact that the streams haven’t had any issue for me, so that’s a pretty good sign of the effectiveness already. But it’s also worth mentioning the quality.

Typically, when streaming live TV channels through an app, the quality is pretty bad. The video can become pixelated and the sound goes all over the place in terms of volume and quality. So far, I haven’t had either of these issues with TV Player. The video, whilst not 4K, is really good! The picture is clear, and the sound is always running at the right volume, without any breaking or crackling.

As you can see, they advocate the fact that their service is easy to use and has a lot of channels. Well, that’s completely correct. Plus, the fact that they do have apps for all of the different operating systems is such a huge bonus. You’ll never find yourself unable to access your favourite channels, because there’s an app for every device.

So yeah, in terms of effectiveness, I am very impressed!


This is one of the biggest factors of pretty much anything for me. As a family man, I need to make sure I’m not wasting money on things. That’s why, at first, I was expecting the TV Player Plus account to be really pricey. Especially when you consider the fact that standard TV packages with that many channels (and the specific channels offered by TV Player) range from £30 per month or above…

That’s why I was so pleasantly surprised to see that it only costs £6 per month! I mean, seriously? That’s it… That’s all it costs! I couldn’t believe it at first, but it’s true.

So, you get all of the channels that some other companies give you for £30+, for a fifth of the price! To quote Kevin Bacon, it’s a “no brainer” really!

And That’s All Folks

TV Player really surprised me by the quality of the streams… But it was the pricing that amazed me the most! Plus, as mentioned before, the fact that there are so many different apps is amazing!

Are you interested in TV Player? Well, they’ve been nice enough to give me a special code for my readers!

You can get an extended free trial of TV Player Plus by going here and using the code “gareth” to sign up with! So, not only will you get access to all of those awesome channels, but you’ll get access to them for free for an extra month!

I would definitely recommend taking a look! Even if you’re like us and already have other streaming accounts, the access to this many live channels is awesome.

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