Ways You Can Make Real Money Gaming Online

Some people love playing games. It is a way of relaxing for them, and whether they are video games, board games or online games, they just have fun. That is what gaming should be all about, but did you realise that while enjoying your hobby you could also be earning some money?

Test Games

Before a new game is unleashed on the public, the developers like to get them tested by real gamers. You have to be prepared to play the game for a while and could get bored with it if it is not the type you usually play. The developers will give you a list of instructions with the game, and expect a report back from you about what you thought and if you found any glitches. This does not pay a fortune, but if you like to try out new games, here you get the chance to play them before anyone else.

Professional Gaming

This is not anything like the vision most of us have about being a professional gambler. Technology has changed the way people can make a living by gaming. There are now things such as spread betting and eSports, where people can have fun and make money at the same time. Esports, for example now has tournaments where the prize money pot runs into millions of pounds, and with spread betting, there is no limit on the amount you could win.

Record For YouTube

If you have a sense of humour as well as love playing gaming, you should record your efforts and pout them on YouTube. You have the potential to earn money from advertisers if you can gain enough followers. That will happen if you make the videos engaging to watch, and then you can be paid for adverts that are shown alongside them.

Teach Gaming

There are lots of gamers out there that wish they had the skills that you do so why not capitalise on that and become a gaming teacher. There are bound to be tips that you can pass on, and sometimes all it takes is some guidance for a not so good gamer to become a good one. People will pay for your tuition, especially if you have a reputation as being good at the games you play.

Customer Services

Although this is not technically making money while you play, you can be paid for the expertise you have gained. Companies need people in their customer support teams that understand the games inside out and the best way to gain that knowledge is by playing the games to start with. The positions are often part-time, so you would still have the time to play games yourself.

Making Money With Something You Love

In the current economic climate, most people consider themselves lucky to be earning some money but many of them are stuck in jobs they hate. This is why if you are a gamer, making money from something you love doing is so appealing and you should give it a go.