Websites Every Gamer Should Bookmark

For many gamers, it’s not enough to simply play games. Many also want to be part of a community that shares their interest. This demand for gaming communities is what drives the creation of gaming websites.

These sites were designed to provide gamers a platform to share and discuss their favourite games. Many gamers have also added these sites on their bookmarks, since they enjoy visiting them regularly.

Here are several examples of commonly bookmarked gaming sites on the internet.


We don’t normally think of YouTube as a gaming site, but it has a robust and sizeable gaming community. YouTube features a wide variety game reviews, playthroughs, game parody videos and more.

Furthermore, there are also plenty of YouTube channels which are dedicated to gaming, some of which have thousands if not millions of subscribers, and are basically gaming communities themselves. So although YouTube couldn’t be described as a gaming website, it also has plenty of gaming channels which are worth being bookmarked.


Metacritic isn’t a gaming site per se, but it attracts the attention of many gamers. This is because Metacritic is a good site to look for generally unbiased reviews, and it offers plenty of information about different types of games.

Metacritic is also a good source of unbiased gaming news. The platform attracts all kinds of news from the gaming industry, from hard facts backed by actual sources to fan speculations.


Steam requires no introduction. It is the largest gaming platform on the internet, and it sells a wide variety of games, from simple internet point and click type games to the latest major releases from major game studios.

However, Steam is also popular because of its sizeable community. Steam forums include practically everything gamers want or care about. Whether it’s reviews, complaints, walkthroughs, guides or just simple banter, you can find it on Steam’s community forums.

Steam forums can also answer most questions gamers have. Whether it’s fighting through a particularly difficult level or fixing a glitch. Because of these benefits, Steam should definitely join the bookmarks of dedicated gamers.


GOG is a lot like Steam, except it mostly offers older and rarer games that people can’t find on Steam. Do you remember that old game you enjoyed so much back in the 90’s? You may not be able to buy it from Steam, but there’s a good chance that GOG has it.

Also like Steam, GOG has its very own community and it functions more or less the same as its Steam counterpart. The only difference, of course, is that GOG offers advice, reviews, walkthroughs and responses for classic games.

Not all gamers like GOG, but if you enjoy classic games then this is one site that you should add to your bookmarks.

There are plenty of gaming sites out there, and for most gamers, they are worth being bookmarked. The items mentioned here are only four examples, but there are plenty more. If you like gaming and you enjoy gaming content then you may want to bookmark some of them.