What Are The Best Heroes For A New Dota 2 Player?

When you first download and log in to Dota 2, one of the first things you will be greeted by is the Hero Select screen. Basically, you are presented with a whole bunch of characters to choose from, which can be a very scary sight. Since you haven’t played any of Dota 2 yet, you may end up there, staring at the Hero Select screen for hours as you try to figure out which one is best for you to play as.

Many have been in the same situation, myself including. Daunting is a great way to explain it. So, how do you avoid this and just get into a match and start playing? Well, the best way to do that is to already have an idea of the best Dota 2 heroes for new players. That’s where this post comes in to play! So let’s take a look at which Dota 2 heroes are best for brand new players, shall we?

Wraith King

Starting off with the Wraith King, we’re looking at one of the best Dota 2 Heroes for new players that want to play in the Carry role. The Wraith King is really easy to farm with, which is great when you are new to the game. The high damage output means that you’ll be able to grow and improve with ease so that you’ll able to up your game as quickly as possible.

Then, there’s the fact that the Wraith King’s “Ultimate” skill allows him to resurrect, coming back from the dead to deal even more damage. Because of that, the Wraith King is a great choice for new players of Dota 2.


Moving on to the next best Hero for new Dota 2 players, we have the Lich. Seeing as the Lich is another rather high damage output Hero, that means that you will be able to make some movement up the ladder when it comes to matches. Rather than being completely lost and not really being able to do anything in a match, you will able to start fighting and taking out the enemy heroes as well.

However, the biggest benefit of playing as the Lich is the Lich’s Sacrifice spell. This spell massively boosts the amount of XP that you can gain throughout the entirety of the match. That means that you will be able to level up and grow at a great rate, building yourself up and getting ready for more and more matches!


The final Hero that we are going to look at is Lion. The reason why Lion is recommended is because of the level of ease when it comes to picking him up and playing as him. Two of his skills are stupidly easy to pull off, whilst all of them are relatively easy to use. Add to this the fact that most of them are strong, offering high impact and damage, and you have a brilliant mix for a new Dota 2 player.

And That’s All Folks

Those were the best Dota 2 Heroes for new players who are just joining the game. They all offer some really good benefits for using them, giving new players the ability to grow their skills and knowledge of Dota 2 matches.

Which Hero did you play as when you first started up Dota 2? Let me know in the comments below!