So I’ve been talking quite a bit about eSports recently, looking at both League of Legends and Dota 2. However, that really doesn’t show just how big the eSports scene has really become. I mean, it’s a huge thing these days, even taking over the legendary Wembley Arena! So you know that means eSports is massive now.

Of course, that couldn’t have happened on the back of just two games, could it? There wouldn’t be enough of an audience for that. So, that obviously means that there are other games that have eSports related to them. In this post, we are going to have a quick look at just a handful of them!

Counter Strike

We can’t really answer the question “what esports are there” without talking about Counter Strike, the game that (arguably) started true competitive gaming. What started off as a mod for Half Life quickly drew the attention of the team at Valve, who employed the developers to turn it into a standalone game. When Counter Strike Source came out, built on the Half Life 2 engine, it was an instant success. Thousands of people started playing it, facing off against each other and honing thier skills.

This then led to a variety of different, sanctioned tournaments, helping to start the eSports scene! Therefore, it has to be on this list, since it helped to birth the entire scene.

Super Smash Bros

The next game worth mentioning is probably one of the well known; Super Smash Bros. This is a game that has an insanely huge following, with the pre-launch hype for the Switch game being so far through the roof that it was basically in orbit. I don’t think I really need to write an introduction to what Super Smash Bros actually is, but in short, it’s a Nintendo fighting game featuring a massive amount of different characters for you to use and perfect.

The frantic gameplay lends itself perfectly to eSports, as the skills that the top players have all come into play as they clash. This makes for some truly epic moments and edge of your seat action as the tournaments progress through the different stages.

Project CARS

Moving on, we have a racing game that is still very recent (at least compared to what I normally write about on here). Project CARS is a racing simulator, similar in style to Gran Turismo in a sense. Basically, that means that it is more focused on realism over the more common arcade style racing. You have to learn have the different cars handle, deal with various external elements and just generally get better at the mechanics of racing.

Because of that, to get to the level where you are able to compete in eSports means that you need serious practice. After all, with all of the different cars in the game, you’ll need to spend time finding the right car for you and then get used to driving it. The various professional Project CARS players showcase some truly great skills!


This one may come as a surprise to you since Tetris has been around for so long! But you’re not reading that wrong… There really is an eSports tournament going for Tetris. Specifically, you have the Classic Tetris World Championship. It started in 2010 and has been going every year since then. However, just because you’ve been playing Tetris since it was first released on the original GameBoy, don’t expect to be able to compete in the tournament.

If you watch the people playing Tetris in this tournament, your mind will be blown. It’s like they are able to enter the Matrix and predict what shapes are coming next. They place each shape with strategic precision at crazy speed! It’s actually really entertaining to watch, and you get to see just how good you can be when it comes to Tetris.

And That’s All Folks

Those were, as I said, just a small handful of the huge list of games out there that have eSports tournaments and matches. The eSports scene is so big that it would take an excessively long post to talk about them all. However, I do hope this has gone at least some way to showing just how big the eSports scene has been.

Have you played any eSports games? Would you? Let me know in the comments below!