One thing that I’ve noticed since becoming a parent (but most certainly not an adult) is that you really need to remain as calm and stress-free as possible. Not for yourself, mind you, but for your kids. By staying calm and relaxed, you’ll find that you are able to bond with your children far better.

However, in this day and age (where stress and anxiety are commonplace), how does one stay calm? Well, I thought I’d share a few methods that I use, just in case anyone is interested.

Watching Livestreams

A few years ago, I really wouldn’t have thought that I could relax and switch off when watching someone else playing a game. I kind of assumed I would end up getting annoyed when I knew what to do but the streamer didn’t. However, that’s really not the case at all. I’ve since found that, by watching decent streamers on Twitch, I can actually turn off my brain and largely forget about the annoyances of the day.

This helps me relax in the evenings, ready to start the next day in a much better mood. That also means that I am ready to play with my daughter, laugh and have fun without the stresses of the previous day weighing on my shoulders.

Listening To Music

Now this is something that is highly subjective since everyone has a different taste in music. However, I’m sure we can all agree that music helps to improve your mood. No matter whether you’re happy, sad or angry, there is a definite type of music that will suit your mood and help you relax. For me, it’s typically some form of Metal or Punk, but you’ll all have a different genre that generally helps you feel better about something.

I mean, there’s a reason why music has been around as long as humans can remember; it resonates with us. So finding that perfect playlist for your current mood is a brilliant way to let that stress just flow straight out of you.

Taking Chances

The next thing to talk about is the fact that I love adrenaline rushes. I always have… From riding my bike over large jumps to skateboarding, windsurfing and bungee jumping, I love the feeling of pure adrenaline. However, now that I’m a Dad, I don’t want to take the risks associated with these types of activities. So, I needed to find other ways to get that adrenaline rush. After all, that rush definitely helps me calm down again.

So what can I do to get an adrenaline rush now? Well, one way is to play games that are extremely hard. Whilst I haven’t played it yet, games like Sekiro are perfect for this. Then there is the option to watch horror movies, or if you wanted to, you could even play video slots online. All of these activities will give you an adrenaline rush that will help you chill out, although I would recommend that you do them sporadically.

Reading A Story To My Daughter

Finally, the last thing I wanted to discuss was probably the simplest yet best way I’ve found to relax and calm myself after a hard day at work; reading a bedtime story to my daughter. There is something incredibly enjoyable about reading through a simple story whilst your child hangs on your every word, laughing along with your terrible voices. It’s wonderfully soothing, and also really helps to grow the bond between you both.

It’s something that I look forward to every day, and has got to the point where it’s become such a great investment in my time, not just down to the mens reading glasses I bought, but the fact that my daughter and I are spending time together and both learning something together brings a sense of calmness among a chaotic day.

Reading a story to your child is such an amazing experience that I really can’t describe it. But it definitely makes me feel so much happier and less stressed.

And That’s All Folks

Those were just a few ways in which I stay calm, allowing me to enjoy my time with my daughter far better. By keeping my stress levels at an absolute minimum, I’m actually able to be a better Dad, so I’m always trying to find other ways to relax.

How do you relax and get rid of your stress? Let me know in the comments below!