So, E3 2019 has now come to an end and, naturally, there’s a lot of negativity around it. I mean, there has been every year recently. So, rather than look at what I am disappointed by (which is quite a bit), I wanted to change the tone and talk about the things from E3 2019 that I actually liked. Because, honestly, there were some pretty cool announcements made during the various conferences.

With that said, let’s take a look at the things I liked about E3 2019, shall we?

Square Did Good

We’re going to start with the big ones for me. Now, I’ve been a follower and advocate of Square since the days of Squaresoft. Even after they merged with Enix, I’ve still loved their games. Sure, the games were flawed, but I still really enjoyed them. So I’m always looking forward to Square’s E3 conferences. And whilst we didn’t get any news on a new Parasite Eve (which was a long shot anyway), we did get some great new trailers and announcements.

Firstly, Final Fantasy VIII is finally getting upgraded graphics and more with a new port! Since I actually prefer Final Fantasy VIII than most other Final Fantasy games (yes, VII included), this is a huge thing for me. The game didn’t look drastically different compared to when I played through it recently (watch that here), but the fact that they are showing some love for the game is awesome! It’s about bloody time.

The second best thing that happened was that we finally got a release date for Final Fantasy VII, and they revealed Tifa… And they showed us a decent amount of actual gameplay, including the battle system.

I actually really like what they’ve done with the gameplay, especially the combat. It gives you a choice between a more traditionally-inspired type of battle system or a Kingdom Hearts-style action battle system. It also looks astounding! So much so that I’ve actually gone ahead and pre-ordered the game, and Final Fantasy VII isn’t even my favourite in the series… I rarely pre-order games, so yeah, Square has won me over once again.

Zelda Shines

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Nintendo, outside of more Pokemon (which I’m not actually that interested in, if I’m honest). What I didn’t expect yet was the announcement of Breath of the Wild 2. Yet, that’s exactly what we got. I’ve yet to play the first one since I don’t have a Switch yet. However, it is on the cards for me to get as soon as possible, and you can bet your cotton socks that I’ll be getting both Breath of the Wild games.

I’ll also be getting the remake of Link’s Awakening, which looks absolutely incredible. So I’ll be making sure that I’ve got all three of these Zelda games before too long. After all, the original Link’s Awakening is amazing, and this remake looks set to be just as good.

Panzer Dragoon Rises

One thing I didn’t expect to see any time soon was news about Panzer Dragoon. Considering how long remakes usually take before we get to see anything, I didn’t think we would see a trailer for Panzer Dragoon for ages yet. However, we’ve now seen what it looks like, and I was blown away. The fact that I’ve never been able to play the original Sega Saturn version, and probably never will, makes me even more excited about it.

This way, I’ll actually be able to play this elusive game and finally share the experience it offers. Just another reason why I need to get a Switch really. You can pretty much guarantee that I’ll be buying Panzer Dragoon as soon as I am able to!

Battletoads Returns

Back in the day, I used to really enjoy the Battletoads games. They were fun, challenging and stupid in the best possible way. I laughed, cried and screamed at the games, which is amazing. Yet, obviously, it has been a very long time since we had a new Battletoads game. However, we now have an actual gameplay trailer of the brand new Battletoads game, and I am stupidly excited!

How awesome does that look!? Everything about it has me so excited. The gameplay and graphics are over the top and perfect for Battletoads. And there’s even a speedway level, just like the infamously difficult one that we have all come to know. I am so ready for this game, and behind Final Fantasy VII and VIII, it is the announcement that I am the most hyped about.

And That’s All Folks

Those were the bits about E3 that I enjoyed the most. Overall, I think it was a pretty good E3. Of course, it could have been better and I am disappointed at the lack of a Resident Evil 3, Dino Crisis or Parasite Eve reveal. But it was good. We got some great trailers and announcements, and I’m excited about modern gaming for the first time in quite a while.

What did you think of E3 2019? Let me know in the comments below!