It’s not like anyone can miss the fact that the World Cup is just around the corner. In fact, the first match happens in just 7 days from now! It is one of the biggest events of the year, despite how many people seem to be fixated on low-quality reality TV right now. All eyes will be on the tournament, as well as all of the fans who are there.

That means that you are going to want to be looking good wherever you are, whether that be at the stadium itself or in a bar watching the match on TV. However, it can be really hard to work out what to wear to an event this big. Especially if you’re like me.

A Sense of Style, Or Lack There Of

I’ve never really had a good sense of style. Anyone who has known me in person (or has read this post) knows that. As a teenager, I spent most of my time dressed up in leather trenchcoats, jeans and chains. That sounds worse to me now than it did back then…

Then, as a young adult, I wore hoodies, t-shirts of various bands and skater shoes. I was very much your stereotypical rock and punk fan. That continued for years and still does to an extent. However, now that I’m a Dad working full time, I spend most of my time wearing plain jumpers and shirts. So yeah, it should be pretty obvious that I have no sense of style whatsoever.

A Helping Hand

Thankfully, the awesome guys over at Terraces Menswear C.P. Company have put together an infographic to help all of those Dads (and other guys) out there who, like me, are useless with fashion sense. The infographic (which you can see below this post) covers a variety of different style tips to help you look good for the World Cup.

Being completely honest, the infographic has a bunch of recommendations that I would never have thought of wearing. For example, I have never worn a polo shirt outside of my P.E lessons at school. However, I can see how they would look good, especially in the context of the World Cup.

What Would I Wear?

Now that I have seen the tips that Terraces Menswear has provided, I’ve been thinking of what I would wear if I were going to the World Cup stadium. This is a big change for me as I have never really planned out an outfit in my life. Even when I would go out to a nightclub, I just threw on whatever I could find.

So, what would I wear to the World Cup? Well, this is what I have come up with, mixing my own style with the advice from Terraces Menswear;

  •  A navy Goggle Shell jacket.
  • A green gables t-shirts.
  • A nice pair of black jeans.
  • My black Vans.

As an outfit, I think that would look good whilst still working with my own personal style. And that is something I never really thought was possible – I always assumed that the more fashionable, popular clothing wouldn’t suit or fit with the sort of colours that I prefer. I was wrong.

If you want to see the infographic for yourself, here it is;

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