Everyone has a gaming ‘preference.’ While longtime gamers may find that playing absolutely everything would be ideal, unfortunately (or fortunately,) the pace of life and our responsibilities means we need to be a little more curated in our selections. This means following certain developers such as Rockstar or publishers like Square Enix might be a great way to predict what games you would enjoy.

It’s always fun to find out more about yourself via the kinds of games you enjoy, so consider these options for more insight into your artistic and personality preferences:

Japanese Fantasy

Enjoying Japanese fantasy games, such as those offered by Square Enix, shows that you’re willing to dig a little deeper to find a great story. It shows that you’re not afraid to play games outside of your culture in order to find quality. It means that you care for fantasy excellence, for unbridled creativity and an appreciate for aestheticism. Japanese fantasy games are often a love letter to the ideas explored, offering grandeur and spectacle in heightened measures.

The reason that Japanese fantasy games have the top place on this list is because they are intimately tied with the development and production of gaming culture in general. We have some of the old classic titles to thank for that.


Puzzle games often signify that you are intelligent, or at least are interested in using the power of your mind to resolve a situation. The gameplay loop from being unsure of the problem, identifying patterns, experimenting and then finding a solution is a wonderful and satisfying thing to experience, perhaps one of the most time-honoured in the history of man. No matter if you enjoy playing card games like Poker or Baccarat, or perhaps more complex and graphically intensive video games such as The Talos Principle or Gorogoa, puzzle games signify you are a thoughtful and reflective person.


If you enjoy FPS games, it’s likely you very much enjoy competition, quick reflexes, shrewd moment to moment planning and communicating with teammates. FPS games from Rainbow Six Siege to Counter-Strike Global Offensive, from Overwatch to Battlefield will all require a distinct form of forethought. Puzzle games and FPS games aren’t too different in their structure, as decisions need to be made to find an optimal solution, and often playing smarter, not harder, will win the round or match you’re playing.


RPG’s (role-playing games) are long stories that you often submerge into, building your character and developing someone you enjoy to play as. Making decisions as them and seeing the consequences of your actions are part and parcel of this experience, helping you make the narrative yours and enjoying the surprises along the way. RPG games are often favored by those who enjoy a good tale, perhaps diligent readers in their own right, and can find comfort in heading along on a wonderful journey.

It might be that your gaming preferences are not simply placed in one category. With this fun list, you’ll understand just why they make you tick.

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