There used to be a time when you had to be creative to have fun, as it was the only option. You played hide and seek, tig, the floor is lava, marco polo, and pass the parcel to name a few things. All of these games were popular because there was no alternative. Yet when video games burst into culture, it made having even more fun indoors while sat down a real possibility. But in life you can’t do just one thing to have fun, you need to mix it up a bit. Especially for children, they need exercise to grow up healthy and strong. Rather than saying to your children ‘why aren’t you outside having fun?’, you should give them a reason or two to not give you the opportunity.

Dodgeball with a twist

Do you have some cheap but cheerful garden furniture lying around? Well, this can be used as cover for water balloon dodgeball. It’s a simple as it sounds. One team has a set of water balloons and they stand on one side of the garden. The other team is on the other side of the garden but they have pieces of cover such as garden chairs and tables. The game is for the team without the water balloons to survive 60 seconds without getting hit. However you can’t just hide all the time, every 5 seconds they have to switch places and get behind cover. This gives the team that’s throwing, a short window to aim, throw and reload. Whoever can survive or get out the other team the most times, wins. The game can be for however long you want so long as you have the time for the rounds the ammunition.

Just go crazy

One of the best things about summer and spring is that you get to be outdoors without your day being shut down early by the rain. A simple yet cool piece of garden equipment is of course the forever popular trampoline. It gives kids the space to go crazy, let out their energy and go wild with youthful abandon. What size and style would be suitable for your family? Think about these 12 foot trampolines that don’t come with complicated assembly instructions. You don’t need screws, nuts and brackets to erect these kinds of trampolines. Maybe this is why they’re one of the most popular types for families as they don’t have many sharp edges either. They’re large enough to fit around 3 to 4 people inside too.

A competitive test

If you’re having some friends and family over for the weekend and you’re spending some time in the garden for a barbecue or just some nice cold drinks in the sun, you can still have some competitive fun. Get the kids involved and play a tug of war. Buy a tug of war rope and split up into teams and let the games begin.

The garden should be a place for fun and relaxation. Pity then that we don’t utilize this space for games that both kids and adults can enjoy and for families to play games together.

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