Why I Can’t Wait For The Final Fantasy VIII Remaster

So everyone (myself included, actually) is talking about the Final Fantasy VII Remake and all of the great details that we got from E3 2019. But you know what? There was another surprise release that hit me even harder than everything we saw about the remake. What was that? Well, you probably know from the title of this post, but it was the Final Fantasy VIII Remaster!

If you’re read the list of my favourite Final Fantasy games (which you can find here), then you’ll know that Final Fantasy VIII is actually my second favourite game in this epic series. You’ll also know that I prefer it to Final Fantasy VII as well, even if that is still a controversial opinion. So, when that first second of Liberi Fatali played, I jumped out of my skin. Funnily enough, it seems that quite a few others had the same reaction, which was really nice to see as a Final Fantasy VIII fan!

As you can see, there were a lot of people who got really excited that we are finally getting an updated version of this epic game! But that doesn’t really explain why I’m so excited about it, does it? So, let’s get into that.

The Story Makes A Comeback

Despite the fact that so many people complain about the story, I actually really like it. Everything from the romance between Squall and Rinoa to the theories about who Ultimecia actually is have been in my head ever since I first played the game. The setting felt like a good step forward after the steampunk world of Final Fantasy VII, with a strong mix of magic and technology. Oh, and the characters were all great, in my opinion. They all felt fleshed out with great personalities as well.

Yes, there were definitely flaws. I’m not going to sit here and pretend like it didn’t have any. For example, the fact that a bunch of the main cast are connected in the way that they are is a bit too coincidental. But for me, it doesn’t detract from that overall story.

You may notice that I’m trying not to actually mention any specific spoilers here. The reason for that is because I am hoping the Final Fantasy VIII remaster will bring people who haven’t played or completed it back to go through and enjoy the story.

More Detail In The Graphics

Of course, the biggest thing about Final Fantasy VIII Remaster is the fact that the graphics are being updated. From the trailer, it looks infinitely crisper, with the characters’ faces being fully defined and the attack animations looking even more breathtaking than they did when I first played the original.

I cannot wait to see how amazing Leviathan’s summoning is going to look. And the battle with the various hidden bosses, as well as their attacks, are going to be incredible.

Now, I’m not usually one for graphics. If the game is in 8 or 16-bit graphics, I’ll still love it. However, what they have done with the Final Fantasy VIII Remaster looks outstanding. It’s going to blow my mind all over again, and I know it.

A More Accessible Final Fantasy VIII

This one sort of follows on from the story, but the fact that a lot of people won’t have played all the way through this game due to the negative reputation that it has, along with the fact that the previous ports have been exact ports, means that so many out there missed out on what Final Fantasy VIII actually has to offer. The fact that it still had the original PlayStation graphics meant that a lot of people didn’t really want to play it.

So I’m really hoping that the Final Fantasy VIII Remaster will change that.

With the updated graphics and the fact that it will be available on so many platforms, it makes the game far more accessible now. With that added accessibility, there’s a chance that a lot more people will finally play Final Fantasy VIII all the way through. Then, maybe, they’ll see that it isn’t a horrible stain on the Final Fantasy name.

I’m not expecting people to fall in love with the game in the same way that I did, but at the very least, I’m hoping it will get more appreciation than it currently does.

And That’s All Folks

That was a short post, I know, but I just wanted to cover the Final Fantasy VIII Remaster because I’m so excited to see it. I didn’t expect it at all and it took me by massive surprise. I don’t really know how to make a good sign off for this post as I’m still kind of in shock at the release, so I’m just going to say that you should go and play it if you haven’t already!

What do you think of Final Fantasy VIII? Will you play the remaster? Let me know in the comments below!