Now, I’ve never played League of Legends… I’ll be honest, I was rather intimidated by the idea of jumping into it as I felt like I would just annoy people because of how bad I would be as a beginner and how competitive the game is.

However, I’m not debating whether or not to try it. But why I am thinking of giving League of Legends a go? Well, let’s take a look!

A Constantly Growing eSports Scene

One of the biggest things that surprise me about League of Legends is the fact that it appears to still be going so strong in the eSports scene. The game was one of the first really big eSports games and that was years ago. So I would have expected it to have faded from popularity by now. But that just isn’t the case!

Instead, the competitive side of League of Legends is still going very strong. It doesn’t get the same level of publicity anymore, but it’s still right up there! The good thing about that, however, is that a lot of the highly competitive League of Legends players are either in a tier of their own or have moved on to other games. This means that there’s a slightly lower barrier to entry for the game now, so I might have a better chance to play it.

Less Limelight

Considering what I was just saying about the eSports scene still going strong, this might sound strange. But in reality, there is a smaller amount of coverage when it comes to League of Legends these days. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still stupidly popular on Twitch and other channels, but not as much as before.

This might seem like a negative, but it really isn’t. In fact, it’s great for those who are thinking of giving the game a try now. This is because you’re less likely to get embarrassed in front of a large number of people when you are still learning the game.

The (slightly) smaller number of views means that you can go in and play to your heart’s content without the worry of doing something wrong on camera. As someone who was worried about looking like a fool whilst playing League of Legends, this is a really big thing for me. To be able to play the game more comfortably is important, especially since I don’t have countless hours to perfect my League of Legends skills.

A Wealth of Advice

Another really good thing about League of Legends being popular for so many years is that there is an absolute wealth of advice, tips and guides out there to help you get started. From an insane number of YouTube videos on each of the game’s “heroes”, to countless written guides and blog posts about the different skills and tactics, you can find pretty much everything you need.

With all of this information at your fingertips, you can research and learn about the game in a way that you couldn’t before. You can actually hit the ground running, ready to actually try out those tactics and understand how each match is going & what you can do in various different situations.

That, in turn, puts you in a much more comfortable position as a new player. You don’t have to go into the game completely blind, meaning you’ll likely be able to enjoy the game’s PVP gameplay more.

And That’s All Folks

Those are three reasons why I feel that now might be a good time for me to finally give League of Legends a try. It has intrigued me for years, but it never felt like it was the opportune moment to play it. Now, things have changed. So I may actually try League of Legends in the near future.

Have you played League of Legends? Would you be interested in trying it? Let me know in the comments below!