There are a large number of software companies like Microgaming, Netent developing software for online casinos, and other customers. These companies have a large collection of online games which they have developed and are periodically releasing new games. If these games are used by online casinos, with players betting their money, these games have to be thoroughly tested. When a survey of the online games which are released is carried out, it is found that for online casino software development companies a majority of these online games are online slots. Like all software development companies, the casino software development firms are also developing games according to the demand of their customers, the online casinos.

Hence, many people who are new to playing online games would like to find out why online slots are so popular, the reason for their popularity. Before discussing these reasons, a person who is not familiar, should be aware of the fact that the online slot games can be broadly classified into three categories. The first category are the classic slots, which are based on the mechanical slots found in offline casinos and consist of three reels. The second category of slots are the video slots, which consist of five reels. The third category consists of online slots are the progressive slots.

There are many online casino games, like blackjack where the probability that a player will make money is higher, the house edge is lower. According to experts, the reasons why online slots are far more popular than these other casino games both online and offline is as follows

Simple game to play

One of the main reasons why online slots is extremely popular is because it is a very simple game to play unlike other casino games like blackjack and roulette where there are a large number of rules, which the player should understand. Detailed instructions for playing the game are provided, and the amount the player will win for different combinations is also specified. So the player only has to read the instructions and start playing the game. The online slots player only has to decide on the amount he is willing to bet and press the spin button. The slot reels will spin and based on the result, the player may or may not win.

Experience or skill does not make a difference

Though results of most of the online casino games are unpredictable, they are also considered games of skill to some extent. If the player has experience in playing a game like blackjack, he can take some decisions, which will increase the possibility that he will win the game. On the other hand, for online slots, experience and skill does not make any difference at all, the possibility that a new player will win a huge amount in online slots is the same as an experienced player.

Initial bet amount

For most online casino games like blackjack, the minimum amount which the player has to bet is fairly high. In contrast for online slots, the player can bet a very small amount. Many of the new online casino players do not have a large amount of money to bet or do not want to take a big risk, so most of the new online casino game players are flocking to online slots, since they can play casino games without much investment.

Similar to a real casino

Online casino games are popular because it is inexpensive to play these games and also the odds of winning are higher. Yet it is observed that for some online casino games like blackjack, there may be only one player so online games are not similar to the offline casino, and the player will get bored. In contrast for online slots, the player does not have to wait for other players to join him, he can play the game alone. The online slots are similar to offline slots, in their design and usually have extremely attractive graphics, sound effects.

Closest to winning a lottery playing online games

For other games like blackjack, the winning player will only double or triple the amount which he has bet. So unless he has bet a large amount of money initially the amount which he is able to make by playing online games will be less. In contrast, for online slots, a player may have bet only a small amount, yet he can win a very large amount. This is equivalent to winning a lottery offline, where the cost of a ticket is usually low. Many of the online slot games also allow the users to make more money offering large jackpots

Some online slots make it easier for new players to win

Almost all the online casinos are offering a bonus to new online slot players, and also a no deposit bonus to every player who registers at the online casino and plays games. Some experts claim that the online slots software at some casinos is rigged so that the new players are more likely to win. The casinos are also offering bonus lines to tempt new players to play at the online slots. Thus the new players feel encouraged when they win initially and they often feel that this will replace their job or other source of income, which usually involves tedious work.

Lower possibility of manipulation

For table and other casino games, there is some manual intervention, so there may be some manipulation. Online casinos use random number generators or RNG technology to ensure that the winning combination is completely random, so gamblers are assured that they have a fair chance of winning.

Popular themes

Many of the online slots are based on themes which are attractive to those playing online games. For many of the popular movies, corresponding online slot games have been developed and are available at online casinos. These attract many players, who to play these online slots featuring their favorite actor or celebrity.

Compared to other online casino games, most online casinos are making far more profit from online slots, hence they are always introducing new online slot games, and offering incentives to players who play these games. Since newer themes and games are available players prefer these online slots. All the factors discussed above make online slots the most popular casino games.

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