Car accidents are a fact of life. They happen and, statistically speaking, there is a fair chance that you will be involved in one, at some point. 

Every year, in the UK, there are around 93,000 road traffic accidents that are serious enough for the police to have to attend. So, it is important to be prepared and know how to deal with this eventuality. 

You May End Up In Court

This is especially important if the accident is serious and there is a lot of damage, or someone is injured. As you can see here, in those circumstances, you could end up being the subject of a personal injury claim or have to go to court for another reason connected with the accident. In that situation, the advice of an experienced legal professional could prove to be invaluable.

Your Car Insurance Policy May Not Cover You For Everything

Most people are careful about buying a car insurance policy that provides them with a good level of coverage. So, when they discover that it does not cover everything, it comes as an unwelcome surprise.

If someone who is involved in an accident is very seriously injured, the level of compensation that must be paid out can be astronomical. 

Should someone be left in a permanently vegetative state, their personal injury pay-out can easily be between £200,000 and £300,000. If you have bought a car insurance policy that does not provide this level of personal injury liability coverage you will have to somehow pay the balance. 

In situations where other parties have been badly hurt, or there is a lot of high-cost damage, it makes sense to hire a legal professional to represent your interests. You really cannot afford to rely solely on your insurance company´s advice.

If You Are At Risk of Losing Your Licence

If you were speeding, driving without insurance or breaking other rules of the road you could be at risk of losing your licence. This can be because you accrue new penalty points that take you over the 12-point limit. Or because a driving ban is one of the potential consequences of your actions. Either way, the right type of legal professional can work to reduce the chances of your having your licence taken away from you.

You May Be Facing Criminal Charges After An Accident

In rare cases, you may face criminal charges. For example, if you were drink driving you can end up with a criminal record. Should the police charge you with dangerous driving that caused an accident you could even receive a custodial sentence. In those situations, it would be unwise to try to handle things without the support of a legal professional.

Learning How to Reduce Your Chances Of Having An Accident

Of course, nobody wants to find themselves in any of the above situations. Being aware of the driver errors that cause the majority of car accidents can help you to avoid having one yourself. This article tells you what they are, which will enable you to be more aware so that you are less likely to make these mistakes yourself.