As if the other major updates weren’t enough, Google has only gone and thrown out Penguin 4.0 as well! That’s right, Google Penguin is back on the table and now it’s in real time! Without going into major detail, like I did on Brave’s blog, I’ll just be doing a micro-post about this covering the major take aways.

Penguin 4.0 in Real Time


So, as I mentioned, Penguin 4.0 brings in real time updates for the algorithm, whilst also moving it into the core algorithm that Google uses when indexing a website. In the past Penguin was a separate entity that would come along every now and then, checking your backlink profile and giving you a penalty if it was spammy.
This also meant it would take forever to get out of a penalty as well, because Penguin would need to come back to your site first. This is completely different now! Whenever Google comes and crawls your website, for any reason whatsoever, it will run the Penguin algorithm. That means it will be running constantly. Gone are the days of wondering when Penguin will next happen… It is always happening!

No Longer Only Site Wide


The other major take away is the Penguin 4.0 is no longer limited to penalising an entire website. Instead, it can now give a penalty to a specific section or even just one page of a website! So, whilst it was easy to spot a penalty when an entire site lost visibility, it may be a lot more difficult to spot when a single page drops!

So, with that in mind, it is definitely worth getting your backlink profile cleaned up as soon as possible! Also, make sure that you keep on top of it as you may naturally get bad links anyway… Time to get on with link management, don’t you think?