I know I’ve been doing a lot of posts about WordPress recently, but it is the most common CMS on the internet now! Everything from big gaming sites like IGN to performance car companies like TUX Auto use it to run their websites. So, at the very least, I can help a lot of people!

And that’s why, today, we’re going to look at how you can fix WordPress getting stuck in Maintenance Mode.

So What Happens With This Error?

Whenever you update WordPress or any of it’s plugins, it will temporarily go into Maintenance Mode. This will involve a white page with the words “Briefly Unavailable Due To Scheduled Maintenance”. This also means that the website is not accessible, both for visitors and for the admin, since the admin panel will also be in maintenance mode!

Now, as said, this is usually temporary… But, ever so often it will error, getting stuck in maintenance mode indefinitely… Which is a pretty annoying thing really!

So How Do We Fix It?

Whilst it can be really scary and you may panic at first, but it’s actually really easy to fix! Similar to fixing the 500 Server Error caused by plugins mentioned in my other post, you’ll need to log into your FTP or File Manager within CPanel.

Once you are able to access the files of your website, the next step is so simple that you’ll probably laugh in disbelief! But, it is seriously this easy!

All you need to do is find the .maintenance file located in to the root folder (the top folder) of your website’s files. Once you’ve found it, just delete that file! It’s as simple as that!

As soon as the file is no longer in your website’s file system, the site will leave maintenance mode, returning to normal! Then you’ll be able to log back in to the admin panel and try to update again, knowing that you can fix it if the error happens again!

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