When you first become a parent, things can seem a little weird and bit off as you adjust to the new lifestyle. This is especially true as a Dad… You don’t get that 9 month bond with your child pre-birth, instead just being there as a support figure. So when your son or daughter does come into the world, you can be left feeling a bit out of place.

You know life isn’t the same anymore, but you don’t quite feel like a “parent” yet… Or at least, what you imagined it would feel like. You love your child, utterly, but mentally you haven’t quite shifted out of the “young man” mindset yet… It can happen to any of us. However, there are certain moments that you’ll come up against that will really make you sit back and realise “I’m a Dad now”.

And I realise that was a bit of a heavy introduction, but believe me, this is supposed to be a light hearted post! So, let’s get on with the list, shall we?

You Know You’re A Dad When…

  1. Your little one looks you in the eyes, smiles in that amazing way they do, and then vomits all over your face.
  2. You think you’ve got nappy changing down to a tee, and nothing could go wrong, but your little one decides to projectile poo across the changing mat, bed, you, the floor and the wall (and yes, this has happened to me).
  3. You find yourself sitting in the office, get odd looks from your coworkers, only to realise you’ve been sitting there quietly singing My Little Pony or Mike the Knight to yourself for the past hour.
  4. You come to the realisation that sleep is a luxury, not a necessity, and is a gift your little one must give you daily permission to have.
  5. You spend hundreds on various awesome toys and games for your little one, only to have them throw them away in favour of the boxes they come in, or your phone/keys/laptop/whatever else they shouldn’t be playing with.
  6. Your little one decides that you are their play thing, and will either use your hair as a climbing frame, or push you into the under-stairs cupboard for a game of “how long until I let Daddy out”.
  7. You go to the toilet, confident that your partner will keep your little one’s attention, only to be interrupted by a knocking on the door, followed by crying when they try to open it and realise it is locked.
  8. You hear the clip of the bouncer/high chair/car seat/pushchair straps, and the hairs on your arms stand up as you quickly dash to get the straps clipped together again.
  9. You wake up in the morning, still groggy after spending a couple of hours getting your little one to bed, and stand on the sharp end of one of their toys, letting out the quietest curse word ever!
  10. You are trying to eat your dinner, only to realise that it isn’t your dinner… You are just being allowed to eat the food whilst your little one is chewing on the bits that you are commanded to give them.
  11. You are at work, the shops, or basically anywhere whilst your little one is at home with your partner/babysitter/childminder, and all you can do is try to think of a reason to get out and go home because you miss them so much.

Have you got any funny stories the really drove home the fact that you’re a parent now? Have you experienced any of these ones? Let me know in the comments below!