Stream FAQs

Here you’ll find all of the frequently asked questions about my Final Fantasy and Retro Gaming streams, including the answers to each one.

General Stream Questions

What Games Do You Stream?

I mostly stream RPGs of varying different types, ranging from traditional J-RPGs to Tactical RPGs and all other kinds. You’ll typically find me streaming Final Fantasy games, since I am on a mission to complete the entire franchise through my Final Fantasy streams. On top of that, I stream everything from Persona to Fire Emblem and more.

What Is The Sunday Showcase Stream?

The Sunday Showcase Stream refers to our shorter Sunday streams where we play a retro game chosen at random from a Master List that everyone in the 16-Bit Tribe Discord can add to.

Each game in the list much be at least 10 years old to qualify, and I will write a review of those games on this site after the stream.

Will You Ever Play A Battle Royale Game?

Personally, I don’t enjoy Battle Royale as a genre (despite loving the novel, movie and manga that the genre is based on). With that in mind, since I will only stream games that I enjoy playing, it is highly unlikely I will ever play at Battle Royale game… Unless a Final Fantasy one is released.

Why Do Your Streams Say “Streams for Autism”?

Since my daughter was diagnosed with Autism, we have found that the National Autistic Society in the UK has been a wealth of information and advice. They have helped us provide for our daughter so much.

As such, I use my streams as a way to give back to the National Autistic Society through both awareness and fundraising. You can find out how you can be a part of this at my JustGiving page here.

Community Questions

What Do You Mean By A Spoiler-Free Community?

We define a “spoiler” as revealing a key aspect of the plot or a surprise event. This could be the first appearance of an enemy, the death of a main character, or anything in between. The 16-Bit Tribe community refrains from sharing these details with each other until they have happened on stream.

Doing this will help to ensure that everyone can fully enjoy the game as we play through it.

What Are Shloop Coins?

The term “shloop” comes from a hilarious cutscene in the game Shadow Hearts, and has become synonymous with my streams. As such, when the “channel points” system was implemented on Twitch, our points were named Shloop Coins.

These are earned by watching the stream, taking part in chat, coming with us on raids and more. On top of this, Twitch Subscribers earn points at around twice the speed. Since these Shloop Coins can be used to redeem a variety of different actions on stream, they form a clear basis for you to interact with my streams.

What Is A Twitch Subscription?

Due to a difference in terminology, a Twitch Subscription and a YouTube Subscription are very different. The equivalent of a YouTube Subscription on Twitch would be a follow. A Twitch Subscription is more akin to YouTube’s Members system.

Effectively, from the low cost of $4.99 per month, you can subscribe to the 16-Bit Dad Twitch channel. From there, you’ll get a number of rewards depending on the level of subscription you choose.

Can I Support The Streams In Other Ways?

Oh, absolutely! I will never demand or require you to donate any monetary value to enjoy my streams. If you want to support my content and fundraising, there are a number of ways you can do it:

* Following me on Twitter here.
* Watching the stream and chatting with the community.
* Making clips of my stream to share with the community.
* Retweeting my tweet when I go live.
* Sharing my streams on Social Media or with your friends
* Sharing my JustGiving page on Social Media or with your friends