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Let me introduce myself:

My name’s Gareth Torrance, and I make awesome content written to convert, market and publicise! I’ve got over a decade of content and SEO experience too, meaning you get the best of both worlds.

I’ve worked in the Digital Marketing industry since I was 16, starting as a Web Designer before moving into Content Writing and SEO.

Having worked in some of the UK’s top SEO agencies, as well as internally for household name businesses, my skills at writing have only improved with age, like a good bottle of wine.

Now, as well as running 16-Bit Dad, I also use this expertise to write freelance content for you!

Read on to find out how I can help you promote your products, raise your brand awareness, increase lead generation and more.


  • Writing content that people want to read
  • Optimising my content for Google and your readers
  • Getting content written in time for deadlines
  • Using Photoshop to make enticing imagery for articles
  • Being far too organised

What Can I Do For You?

After all, that’s really what you want to know, isn’t it? I could go on forever about myself and my qualifications, but how I’m able to use that experience to help you is what really matters. Well, how do these figures sound to you?


Increased Reach


Increased Organic Traffic


Increased Conversions

Those are some pretty nice numbers, aren’t they? Well, it might surprise you that they are actually true!

Over the years, I have written content and copy for Social Media Adverts, PPC Ads and Blog Posts, as well as Category and Product Pages. Using the in-depth SEO experience that I have gained over the past decade (which makes me feel old), the content I have produced has helped to gain more traction with Google, increase Conversion Rate Optimisation and grown Social Reach by building a large audience.

No matter what problem you are facing, I can help support you through it with my content writing. As a freelance copywriter, that also means that you don’t have to worried about content agency fees, making your content writing problems much more affordable to fix!

On top of that, even though I’m a Nottingham-based content writer, I’m able to help you solve your content problems no matter where you are in the world. Isn’t that great? Now, let’s take a look at my experience, so you know that I don’t just talk the talk.


  • 02/18 – Present – PS4 Writer: GameAddik
  • 09/16 – Present – Owner: 16-Bit Dad
  • 02/16 – Present – SEO Lead: Brave Agency
  • 09/15 – 02/16 – SEO Executive: NGA HR
  • 01/15 – 09/15 – SEO Consultant: Zazzle Media
  • 11/13 – 12/14 – SEO Executive: Interflora UK
  • 05/13 – 11/13 – SEO Executive: Bauer Media
  • 06/10 – 04/11 – SEO Executive: First Online Solutions


Business, Psych. & Media

Sawtry Comm. College, 2017

Google Specialist

Google Partners, 2016.

Bing Ads Accreditation

Microsoft, 2016

Certificate of Geekiness

Myself, since birth…


Obviously, this blog itself is an example of my work, although there are guest posts from others as well. So, to help you see exactly what you can expect, here are a few samples of the content I have written for other sites over the years;

Naturally, I can’t share information about the content writing I have done within the various agencies. However, I have written and optimised content for e-Commerce websites and brochure websites with Conversion Rate Optimisation and Organic Rankings in mind.

Here’s why you should get your content from me!


I'll get it to you on time!

It’s so important to get your articles live at the right time in this industry, and I’ll get it to you before the deadline!


Your readers will love what I write!

My articles always gain traction on Social Media, and your readers will be hooked on every word.


Personable, without being problematic

My content is always relatable and written to convert, rather than sounding like a robot put it together!


Experience breeds great words

Content should tell a story, taking the user from problem to solution, and I ensure I help them along that journey.

Congratulations! You reached the end of the page!

No achievement, I’m afraid, but there’s a great little contact form below. Are you ready to get the solution to your ranking, conversion and content problems? Well, I’m ready to help you, so get in touch today and let’s get this show started!

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Hello there! I’m Gareth, the 16-Bit Dad; a retro gaming blogger, Twitch Streamer and Autism Parent. With a focus on great games, a wonderful Stream community and help for other Autism Parents, I review games, play them with the community and share my learnings about Autism!

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