Of all the unexpected surprises that adulthood brings, one is the way that time seems to evaporate. When you have work, family commitments and little people to look after, it can be really hard to make time for the things you love. And whether it’s squeezing in a strength training session, catching up with friends or fitting in time for a bit of gaming, the precious me time you used to have to recharge your batteries is now in very short supply. Balancing parenthood with life is a definite skill. But you don’t have to completely abandon your old self just yet – it may not be as plentiful or easy to come by, but you can still claim a bit of time back.

Schedule In Time For You

We work, have various commitments, spend time with our kids and spend time with our partners. But it’s perfectly okay to also want to spend time with ourselves, doing things that we love. Make it happen by adding it into the diary, as you would any other appointment. We don’t need to feel bad about claiming some time back for ourselves – it makes us happy parents, who relish the time we spend with our kids. Even just half an hour away from the chaos can be restorative. By scheduling it in, you can make sure everyone else is taken care of too. And whether it’s a regular Friday night squash game, popping out to see friends or even just finding time to work on your moves in madalin stunt cars 2, you’ll feel so much better when you make time for things you love. Having small children is amazing but it can feel never ending. However, they soon grow up and if you haven’t kept in touch with your friends and yourself and what you love to do, then you’re going to have a pretty big void to fill. Everyone needs time to recharge and finding the right balance is about allowing people time to be together but also apart sometimes.

Let Steam Off

If you don’t give yourself time to decompress you end up stressed, full of anxiety and wound up before a new day has even begun. It’s important to use the block of time between the kids going to bed, and turning in for the night yourself, to let off that pressure. Many couples end up feeling like ships in the night when the kids are young. Yes, they may be together doing the dinner, bathtime and bedtime routines, but they aren’t really communicating. With the work day grind, the commute, fitting in exercise, chores and time with the children, it’s little wonder when they’re finally in bed it’s just tempting to slump scrolling through social media or staring at Netflix rather than making the effort to talk. The danger is losing that connection which brought you together in the first place. Reclaim the spark by making sure you keep talking – about your day, about things that interest you, about how you’re feeling. It doesn’t have to mean ‘date night’ (although those are good too!) – simply having dinner and a glass of wine together when the kids are in bed is a nice way to touch base with your other half.

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