As a Dad, sticking to a specific schedule is pretty difficult as it largely depends on when my daughter sleeps. However, my streams will typically be around the following times.

  • Thursday 11pm GMT – Shadow Hearts
  • Friday 11pm GMT – Final Fantasy
  • Saturday 11pm GMT – Modern Gaming
  • Sunday 11pm GMT – Weekly Retro Showcase

Club Shandwich

The Club Shandwich is a stream team of awesome people who help each other out and make great content! Full of variety streamers, you can rest assured that you’ll find both a streamer and a game that you’ll love!


The Retro Variety Dream Team is a Twitch stream team primarily focused on retro gaming. Consisting of casual retro game players, speed runners and everything in between, the team is great for all retro game fans!

On the 16-Bit Dad Modern and Retro Gaming Stream channel, we play through games from start to finish. This means that we all get to experience the twists, turns and shocks of those games together!

As we play more obscure or retro games that the community may not have experienced before, we pride ourselves in being a Spoiler Free community where everyone is welcome!

  • Retro – Shadow Hearts/Final Fantasy 2
  • Modern – Valkyria Chronicles Remastered
  • Weekly Retro Showcase

Weekly Retro Showcase games are chosen at random from the Master List, which you can add your suggestions to from inside the Discord channel!

  • Shadow Hearts Series
  • Final Fantasy  Series

As you could expect from a Twitch channel for this blog, we have a huge from on retro RPG streams. This not only includes for game playthroughs, but also full series playthroughs! That way, we all get to enjoy the entirety of a classic RPG series together. 

On top of the retro gaming streams, we also play through Modern Games from the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Each of these playthroughs is a blind stream, so you get to watch my first time, honest reactions to the games and their storylines.

Of course, the fact that we are a Spoiler Free community means that blind playthroughs can be extremely entertaining to watch! 

  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake
  • Nier Automata
  • SAO: Fatal Bullet
  • Kingdom Hearts 3