As you may know, earlier this week I put up a post asking for help compiling a UK retro gaming shop list, so that everyone can find the best places to go retro game hunting near them. Some areas of the UK have a lot more retro gaming shops that others, so I wanted to both help myself and everyone by collecting the name and address information of as many of these shops as possible.

What Is The UK Retro Gaming Shop List

This list is built by both myself and everyone who fills in this Google Form. The data added to the Google Form is automatically sent into a spreadsheet to be documented. This ensures that we get to keep this retro gaming shop database running indefinitely. However, just having it in a spreadsheet doesn’t really help anyone, does it?

After all, the whole point of gathering all of this information on retro game shops near me and you is so that we all find them and support them, whilst also getting our hands on some awesome retro gaming gear! That’s why this blog post exists; to give everyone access to this retro game shop list.

However, I want to ensure that this list is as focused as possible when it comes to retro gaming shops. Therefore, I will be going through the database spreadsheet every month or so to remove the likes of CeX, because everyone knows about them. They don’t really need to be on this list of the most unknown and specifically retro gaming shops in the UK.

How Can We Help To Build The UK Retro Gaming Shop List

If you know a retro gaming shop in the UK that isn’t already in the UK Retro Gaming Shop List, then make sure you go to this Google Form. There, you can add in the name, address and postcode of that specific retro gaming shop and the UK Retro Gaming Shop List will be updated near-instantaneously. Oh, and don’t worry, the form is 100% anonymous, so none of your data will ever be captured or shown in the UK Retro Gaming Shop List.

So if you know of any retro gaming shops in the UK, make sure to add them to the UK Retro Gaming Shop List today!

The UK Retro Gaming Shop List

With all of that out of the way, let’s get to why you really came here, shall we? Here it is; the UK Retro Gaming Shop List. It will be growing constantly as more people (and myself) add stores into it, so make sure to check back regularly if you can’t find a retro gaming shop near you just yet!

Name of Shop
Street Address of Shop
Postcode of Shop
GAMESnMOREGalleries WiganWN1 1AR
Mobile Games Exchange28 London Rd, DerbyDE1 2PA
Sore Thumb7 Gillygate YorkYO31 7EA
Retro WorldEagle Market, 36g, DerbyDE1 2NQ
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