Retro Gaming, RPG and Final Fantasy Livestreams

On the 16-Bit Dad Twitch channel, we play through games from start to finish. This means that we all get to experience the twists, turns and shocks of those games together!

We also pride ourselves in being a Spoiler Free community where everyone is welcome!

With a focus on story-heavy games, the 16-Bit Tribe community all appreciate the plot and events of a game, as we share these experiences with each other. This spills into our Discord too, where we have regular movie nights, including watching movies directly related to the games we are or will be playing on stream.


Stream Info

On the 16-Bit Dad Twitch channel, we switch between two different “weeks”; a Square Enix week where we play the Final Fantasy franchise and other Square games, and a Non-Square Week, where we play games from other companies.

Stream Teams

Club Shandwich

The Club Shandwich team is a stream team of awesome people who help each other out and make great content! Full of variety streamers, you can rest assured that you’ll find both a streamer that you’ll love!


The Retro Variety Dream Team is a Twitch stream team primarily focused on retro gaming. Consisting of casual retro game players, speed runners and everything in between, the team is great for all retro game fans!

Square Enix Weeks

At present, we are working our way through the Final Fantasy series for our Square Enix Streams. As such, I am sure you can tell that this is going to take a very long time. After all, each of these games is a long JRPG with some reaching over the 80 hours mark.

We will also include the spin-off titles in order of release compared to the main series.

Non-Square Weeks

For our Non-Square Enix week of streams, we are currently playing through Fire Emblem: Three Houses – a tactical RPG for the Nintendo Switch. This, like the Final Fantasy series, is a very large game with hours of content. We will be playing through the entirety of the story, as well as the DLC.

Games Completed On Stream

The following is a list of the games that we have completed on stream. If you want to see the video recordings of these games, you can find them all in the VOD section of this site by clicking here.