World Autism Awareness Day 2021 Twitch Charity Event

World Autism Awareness Day 2021 takes place on Good Friday, the 2nd of April. On that day, I will doing a special charity stream event to raise more awareness and money for the National Autistic Society. On this page, you will be able to find out the latest information about the event, so make sure you check back regularly!

What We Will Be Playing

For the stream, we will be playing Super Mario 64 for 8 hours. The catch? Well, there are two! The first is that we will be playing with an Arcade Stick rather than a standard controller. The second is that you will be able to change the game and affect Mario using Crowd Control!


As well as the gameplay, there will also be a number of giveaways happening on stream. These will include the likes of premium Twitch overlays, t-shirts, controllers and headsets. More details on those below!

Crowd Control

The Crowd Control system uses Twitch Bits to allow you to perform a number of different changes to the game, such as messing up controls, spawning enemies or costing me a life! It should be a lot of fun!

Bean Boozled

On top of already challenging myself to play the Super Mario 64 using an Arcade Stick, plus allowing you to use Bits to activate Crowd Control, there is one more aspect of this to add to the fun! For every sub and gift sub, I will eat one bean from a pack of bean boozled!

For those who do not know what Bean Boozled beans are, they are jelly beans that can have one of two flavours depending on their colour. For example, you can get one that may be tutti-fruity, but it may also be stinky socks! So, you can expect some truly hilarious reactions with each Twitch sub, whilst also knowing that 10% of the sub will go to the National Autistic Society.


The main goal of this stream will be to raise awareness and funds for the National Autistic Society. Whilst I obviously stream in support of them all the time, we are going to push the length of the stream much further than normal. The idea of this is to gain more awareness than normal, whilst also showing the importance of autism awareness.

Fundraising will happen using the following methods:

  • Donations made directly through the Tiltify campaign page, which go straight through to the charity.
  • Bits, used either for Crowd Control or just for support
  • Twitch Subs, including gift subs and Twitch Prime subs

10% of all bits and subs will be donated by me through the JustGiving page on the 15th of the following month, when I receive the Twitch payout. This will be publicly visible on the JustGiving page as well, so you can rest assured that the 10% will be donated.

(Please note that the total raised through the Tiltify campaign will be noted and recorded on the JustGiving page after the event as “offline donations”. Tiltify is being used to make keeping track of milestones for the event easier.)

Fundraising Milestones and Rewards

As we raise more money for the National Autistic Society, we will be able to hit a number of milestones, each of which “unlocks” a new giveaway or special reward. The following is a list of all currently confirmed milestones and their rewards;

£100.00 – Retro Game Giveaway #1

£150.00 – Seven Squared Tshirt Giveaway

£200.00 – Steam Game Giveaway #1

£250.00- Nerd or Die Discount Codes x5 Giveaway

£300.00 – Retro Game Giveaway #2

£350.00 – Gioteck Giveaway

£400.00 – Steam Game Giveaway #2

£450.00 – EPOS Audio Giveaway

£500.00 – Retro Game Giveaway #3

£550.00 – Nacon Gaming Giveaway

£650.00 – Steam Game Giveaway #3

£700.00 – Live AMA

£750.00 – Retro Game Giveaway #4

£850.00 – Steam Game Giveaway #4

£950.00 – PS4 Digital Game Giveaway

£1,000.00 – Paw Patrol World Record Attempt

£1,500.00 – Dark Souls Playthrough

£2,000.00 – Shave The Sideburns Live


As part of this charity stream event, a number of amazing companies and brands are providing a range of items that will be given away on stream. As mentioned previously, each giveaway will be “unlocked” when we reach a certain milestone of donations through the campaign page. The following is the list of sponsors confirmed so far!