The 16-Bit Dad YouTube channel is, of course, focused largely on gaming. Specifically, my gaming YouTube channel consists of weelky retro game review videos, initial impressions of current gen RPGs and more.

You’ll also find retro gaming pick up videos, vlogs and reactions to satiate your retro gaming YouTube cravings. But on top of that, I create videos where we discuss how to start, run and grow your own gaming blog!

On this page, you can find the latest videos from each of these series for your viewing pleasure. But if you enjoy them, why not visit my YouTube channel and subscribed so that you know when a new video comes out?

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Hello there! I’m Gareth, the 16-Bit Dad; a retro gaming blogger, Twitch Streamer and Autism Parent. With a focus on great games, a wonderful Stream community and help for other Autism Parents, I review games, play them with the community and share my learnings about Autism!

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